Monday 13 April 2015

ARRESTS ARISING from Christ Church PEACEFUL gatherings on Sundays

A commentary in hindsight - by BronnyNZ

The following monologue is written in response to another writer who asked a number of questions around the arrest of FBI Informant "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) and Ved Chaudhari (Neelu) outside the Argentinian embassy on Saturday 4 April, 2015.  The arrest was made in respect of Sands' and Neelu's vocal and relentless presence at Hampstead Square in late March.  Following are my observations of those women's behaviours and activities on the Square, as seen in videos on YouTube of the proceedings on Sunday 22 and 29 April, 2015.

One of the men at the Hampstead Sunday gatherings (29 April) makes sincere entreaty for the children on Hampstead Square.

In reply to your comments and questions:

On March 22 at the Christ Church peaceful assembly, Sands persisted with loud yelling and attention-seeking behaviours outside the church. This included Sands' version of casting out demons "in the name of Jesus" punctuated with swearing and other profanities before and after her 'exorcism' - all very incongruous! Other protesters saw and heard Sands yelling at parishioners as they emerged from the church with their children, "you're all baby fuckers" or words to that effect. This was ALSO repeated when Sands came into contact with local Hampstead residents, later in the afternoon on Sunday March 22, 2015 (around 2pm), when a small group returned to the church for a brief period. An innocent passer-by with two young children once again got caught in Sands' barrage of accusations directed at her loudly and forcefully. Neelu engaged the police with some relentlessness on March 22, including what could be seen as harassment of the church warden as per videos. It seemed the warden felt compelled to politely listen to Neelu at the outset. He eventually realised he could just walk away.

On 29 March outside Christ Church while people were attending the church service, Sands spent much of the time loudly calling out the URL of her website. A 30 minute video made by Neelu features this persistent loud calling by CAS in the background, without much pause. During her recorded interviews on video (29 March), Neelu made head-on approaches to at least three constables. The most senior of these seemed to be a female Detective Inspector. Neelu was given every opportunity to back off from the police. She wasn't reading the body language or the facial expression of the DI at all. Neelu WAS extremely PERSISTENT with the DI, even when she was told at least three times that her concerns needed to be submitted to the Barnet Police commander. During that video, Neelu recited "evidence" extracted from medical reports uplifted by Anonymous from the hospital where the children had undergone medical examinations, ascertaining physical and sexual abuse. ie:  Neelu was citing "evidence" that was "inadmissible" to entirely inappropriate Agents of the Corporation whose function on the day was to protect the church-goers from harassment. What Neelu was saying WAS explicit and upsetting. If those constables had NEVER heard the details of this case before and were completely unaware of the allegations, they would have had every reason to have left the location in a fairly distressed frame of mind. Neelu WAS relentless and appeared to be ignorant of the graphic nature of the words coming out of her mouth. After all, most cops are just "regular people", like us generally, just doing a job. They also are caught in the web of deceit and LIES of this Agenda.

Both Sands and Ved (Neelu) Chaudhari exhibited uncensored behaviours that they themselves seemed incapable of recognising as outside of the bounds of "peacefully gathering".  Sands loud voice WAS disruptive and likely, disrupted the service inside.  Neelu WAS persistent in her interviewing of the Agents of the Camden Borough of London, eliciting their names, ranks, serial numbers... all captured on video, but was providing NO identification for herself. What Neelu was doing, WAS harassment of people simply assigned to a job. Put yourself in their shoes.

Of course, Belinda didn't get arrested as a consequence of unruly actions on Hampstead Square. There were NO unruly actions done by her. She was gathering with 20 or so other people on the far side of the Square, quietly talking and praying together. Why would Belinda need to get picked up?

Something else other people didn't see were the abusive, accusatory and defensive emails that Sands was sending out on a regular basis to a closed group of around 30 people, which included myself and Belinda McKenzie - many were on personal emails which I strongly suspect were given to Sands by the writer of #WhistleblowerKidsUK. Certainly that's what would have happened in respect to me, as i've never left my email address in a public place. If private email addresses were not given to "Christine Ann Sands" (bogus name) by Sabine K. McNeill directly, private email addresses would have been obtained by Sands through covert means, eg: through her contacts as an FBI Informant, as previously verified by #Anonymous - a matter which is still being looked into by Anons with positive, continued finds of CAS being linked to "security" agencies.  Belinda McKenzie took Sands on, head-to-head during the course of these emails and said simply that Sands was nothing but an "attention-seeker."  It was my distinct impression that Belinda McKenzie wanted NOTHING to do with Sands.

As for the two week delay from March 22, 2015 to 4-4-15 when both Sands and Chaudhari were taken into custody....  How long does it take for a committee to come to a decision?  The church's organisation runs much like an ordinary committee or city council.  There would have been discussion first amongst individual parishioners regarding "harassment", if indeed people agreed there HAD been harassment. This "issue" would then have been discussed with deacons and other church administrators by various parishioners, i'm sure... A special "fringe" meeting would have been called over and above regular synod meetings where the matter would have been discussed openly among church members in a public meeting forum. After much talk and the airing of the various opinions, parishioners in attendance would have taken a vote to ascertain whether they DID want to take any action against protesters, and against whom... and when and who would type up the complaint and who would deliver it to Barnet Police...  All very detailed you see... with a chairperson and secretary all in attendance, taking Minutes and referring to the "Special Fringe Meeting" guide book, to make sure they were doing everything "properly".  They, along with Barnet police, would have then had to carry out the necessary research to identify the RIGHT people they were wanting to bring charges against, for whom the church's complaint had been laid. All of this takes time.

Hence:  the two week delay.

We ARE talking about a BUREAUCRACY !! These people are not like you or I who can make a decision in a day. They need all their "safe little meetings" first, and double-check to make sure no-one is "colouring outside of the lines"; that everyone has their head down and are not "breaking" any of the church's "rules"...  All VERY serious stuff, as you can see.  Those people (the parishioners) are THOROUGHLY mind controlled into submission, right? That's why such flagrant law-breaking and reprehensible behaviours CAN continue in such an environment, because even though people of the church may have observed some "odd things" going on, in and around the church during the week, none of them could SEE !!  They all would have averted their eyes, and set their minds on Holy thoughts...  as the good book teaches.
I could say with a certainty that the people attending Christ Church at Hampstead Hill on Sundays ARE NOT the perpetrators of these crimes... with the exception of Father Paul.  The "other meetings" that went on during the week would be listed in the church diary (if at all) as "such and such a charitable organisation" using sundry church facilities on Wednesday from 10am. Even the church's day-to-day administrators, would have been CLUELESS.

Moral of the story:  If your attendance at the Christ Church Hampstead gatherings on Sunday or at any time is LESS THAN "PEACEFUL", as has ALWAYS been advertised, you WILL get nabbed for public nuisance and harassment.  I have no sympathy for either of these women.

WISDOM comes before notoriety or even informal documented "fact finding" amongst unawares Agents of the Corporation. Neither of these women had ANY idea of the ramifications of their actions, it would seem. The only sensible front person at the gatherings as far as I could see, was Belinda McKenzie.  She knows the game... and she keeps her head well down.

As far as the comment you wrote about the Sunday gatherings "not being useful" ???

- QUITE the OPPOSITE !!  I remind of you of Ephesians 6:12...
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."  (KJV)

THAT is the REAL Enemy...  Unseen but perceptible in the HEART of Hampstead.  THAT'S who this Group are REALLY in an earnest battle against.  They just need to remain VIGILANT...  which will be much easier as the weather gets warmer.  This is Who they stand against...

"The Principalities, the Rulers, the Darkness of this world, the Spiritual Wickedness in High Places."  

THIS is The Stand.  These people are VERY MUCH NEEDED in Hampstead Square every Sunday, to let those demonic entities KNOW they WILL be found out and that the Hard Core Hampstead supporters are NOT going away any time soon... They WILL NOT retreat and abandon the site, allowing for the Energies of Darkness to Rise and Rule in that place once again.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT WORK that ANYONE involved in the #WhistleblowerKids case can perform for the world right now - That is: YOUR PRESENCE IN BODY. All respect.  Thank you for being In Service to humanity, and to the #WhistleblowerKids, my brothers and sisters.

Keep going forward resolutely.  You have THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of people all around the world who are with you every Sunday.  Thank you for being there in Body and Holding the Space.

You're all FANTASTIC !!!! Thank you  xxxx

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