Saturday 11 April 2015


Pictured - Child rapist John Quigley pictured on left & Recorder Philip Cattan, right

A Judge who fell asleep whilst a young child abuse victim gave evidence and caused the trial to collapse has been reprimanded by his bosses

The part-time judge, Recorder Philip Cattan, 65, from Cheshire was seen to fall asleep during the rape trial of John Quingley at Manchester Crown Court last summer.

A retrial had to be ordered and with the child having to give evidence for a second time

While the jury was out of the room, the judge was confronted with the claim that he had slept through part of the cross-examination of the witness, who was giving evidence via video-link because of her age.

The incident was witnessed by the family of the victim in the trial of John Quigley, which was expected to last five days

The girl giving evidence was the first of two young girls expected to testify that they were abused in offences spanning from 2006 to 2013.

The body that regulates the judiciary, the Judicial Conduct Investigations office has rapped the Manchester recorder over the incident.

The Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice were quoted as saying they found evidence of serious misconduct following complaints that Cattan gave the appearance of falling asleep.

The cost of the abandoned trial and the retrial is believed to have cost the taxpayer £10,000.

The defendant, Quingley, 49, of Benchill Manchester was later found guilty of child sex charges and jailed for 14 years.

Leading criminal barrister, Kama Melly, who specialises in child sex crime said when the trial was suspended, that it is always devastating for a victim to have a trial delayed so long while an investigation takes place.

‘This is no doubt a traumatic time for the family and this will only serve to make matters worse for them,’ she explained.

Cattan’s role as recorder means he sits for up to thirty days a year as a judge and he has previously overseen cases on gangland murders, the Oldham riots and major drugs cases.

Judge Gabriel Hutton, a former senior judge at Gloucester Crown Court, fell asleep during the trial of Lee Woodward, who was accused of raping a 17-year-old girl on a riverbank in Sharpness, Gloucestershire.

He was granted bail and a retrial was demanded where he was cleared.

Judge Hutton, now retired, was ordered to apologise for the incident.

Info on the second trial in October 2014 which led to the conviction and jailing of John Quigley here:

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