Tuesday 7 April 2015

HOW DO YOU APPROACH someone who's experienced Child Sexual Abuse?

I can only speak from my own experience. Other experiencers who have worked their way through all the overlay of garbage upon garbage, will likely say some other strategies worked for them, because all of our experiences are different and impacted on us differently.

Please be mindful: The world hasn't had this conversation yet... only the "experts" have.

OUR voice is rising... OUR voice is being heard.  

We all stand together on April 11, 2015

This is HOW WE STAND !!

Please feel free to join in with this conversation by adding YOUR Voice in Comments below. We bring Light into all the dark places through SPEAKING OUT our collective and individual experience.  

The TIME to be SILENT is OVER !!  You have the protection of Anonymity if you want it. 
Just let YOUR Voice be heard !!! 

Thank you so much. 

Kincora 'VIP paedophile ring' victim Richard Kerr speaks out

Published on Apr 7, 2015

A Kincora abuse victim from Northern Ireland tells Channel 4 News how he was also abused at London's Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square at the hands of "very powerful people". The Home Office had said the Heart Inquiry in Northern Ireland could liaise with the UK wide inquiry. 

Here are comments from a Facebook Post of this video on a conversation thread:

Anon 1. This brought tears to my eyes . The pain and suffering is so evident and yet the courage of this man makes you want to do something to help and I hope we all can make a difference somehow x

Anon 2. solidarity on the 11th we stand together for justice for the victims, to protect future generations and end the two tier capitalist state

BL.  Stand Sovereign straight and true Anon 1. That's the BEST way you can make a difference. 
KNOW Who You Be !!

Anon 1. We'll be there !!! For Richard and all the victims and survivors . Come rain or shine!

BL.  There's two Richards. We're only seeing one in this vid. - the brutalised child. CSA victims need our pity less and us standing up as Sovereigns in the power of our Adulthood more

BL. They need our STRENGTH, not our tears. They've already cried enough bucket-fulls to last eternity.

Anon 2. i can not speak myself as for the want and needs of the victims but i would hazard a guess, it would be empathy and justice

Anon 1. Yes of course. Anyone with a modicum of empathy will also feel the pain. It is by acknowledging this that we must channel the survivor attitude and not a victim mentality. I agree it is time to stand strong and unified xx

BL.  I simply needed somewhere SAFE to be... for a very long time. People pawing me and crying all over me did not help. That's not "empathy". Being able to stand strong in yourself and hear horrific stories - That's the Strength we need to Stand Up in. Resolute and STRONG with arms linked through the arms of the people who suffer, to let them know we are REALLY HERE for them... we're not just paying lip service then going back to our 9-5 in the suburbs.

BL. The JUST US system is working perfectly well Anon 2. If you want REMEDY, look elsewhere.

BL.  You're talking like there's an "intellectual choice" here Anon 1. Who is "channelling the survivor attitude" ?? - The CSA supporters or the CSA experiencers? If it's the supporters, the experiencers will see right through you for a fraud. If you want to "channel a survivor attitude" in the experiencers, you're pushing bricks uphill. Just BE there. BE Strong. And you're right, don't let them play Victim games all over you. This is part of the programming - to be a victim. If you let people bleed all over you out of their victimhood, they go back into denial and stop taking responsibility for their experience. 

Yes... of course Richard created this. He was passive and compliant. Why do you think he was hand picked as he was? There's lots of other 12-year olds who would have fought and gotten away and told somebody. His CHOICE was to remain... in fear and pain. At 15 and 16, he CHOSE fear and pain... Just like I did from age 19-37. I hadn't had enough of being terrorised, so I went right back in again to a mirrored experience that i'd had in my childhood. Then we work through the shit in the next decade or two. And that's fine. It's ALL part of what our soul-beings have chosen to experience in this lifetime. WE need to take responsibility and integrate it into ourselves. And let it be Ok. Then we can stop Judging it and stop being in the Duality... which means,"I just made somebody wrong and myself right..." These are all steps one takes on the path to healing. 

At the end, one can Stand tall and true and say, "That happened. IT HAPPENED. I'm ok with that now.
I Stand. I AM HERE!"  And that's all it need be.  The fear, the emotion then has no power. The "victim" becomes the Master of their emotions. That POWER - ABSOLUTE POWER OF KNOWING THE SELF can then be directed with Integrity and Indignation wherever it needs to be directed. 

CSA experiencers will rule the world. Coz they know what it's like to go to hell and back. It's a privileged experience. At least... this is part of my journey of healing through infant sodomy and Satanic practice in my family - including active (invited) demonic spirit possession of family members for just one year when I was 11 years old. God knows what it's like for children who grow up most of their childhoods seeing demonic entities behind the eyes of their parents who are acting out whatever perversions "they" want, through the bodies of the parents. 

This one-year experience with the demonic entities undid me - and they were not even the "horrible" ones... just controlling, manipulative, suggesting, fearmongering. They did with us what they wanted through our - my family's - fascination with them (1972). Our family lived between dimensions for a year. This was NOT cool. The human psyche was NOT designed to be living in our 4-D material world (height, length, depth, time) while simultaneously reaching into another "unseen reality" which invites physicality to get moved around and where you can feel and hear things that are not in this plane. 

During that time, I became disassociative and developed all kinds of behavioural, verbal, and energetic tactics I could draw on to keep me safe. I became "selective mute". I didn't speak to adults again until I was around 14 years old. Only a few of my very closest, trusted kid friends ever heard me talk. This was not "planned". It just happened. It was a survival tactic. 

The ability I used the most was "hiding". I could "hide" myself in plain sight. People wouldn't see me.
I could enter and leave rooms and never been seen or heard by other people. If they DID see me, they'd turn around and it would give them a fuck of a fright. because I would just suddenly "appear" to their consciousness. I enjoyed that "power" too. It kept "them" ... all of "them" out there... on the back foot. And it kept me safe. 

Energetic? Sure. Many of these kids (as I did) know all about the energetic field... It's just that most people have no language for it. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." (Ephesians 6:12). And don't forget that. They are indeed very POWERFUL. Don't mess with them. They'll fuck you over.

After the experiences of my formative years, I went on to court my own Dangers - because that IS the programming. Babies born into paedophilic abusive families become self abusers and often disassociated abusers of their own children in one form or another. It's a blindness. I've been there too. All of these facets need to be owned !! 

So it's no good blubbering over somebody or coming into their auric field when they're disclosing a part of their hard story. Stay by them, right by them, not quite touching - side by side. It's THEIR CHOICE then, whether they fall onto your shoulder clutching you, crying for all their soul is worth.

But PLEASE don't diminish whatever FEELINGS are rising up for them by YOU actually stepping into their auric space and into their "awareness". You break the moment of healing... of revelation... of integration.

They are NOT "HERE" in those moments. They are BACK... 20, 30, 40, 60 years ago... And please don't ask them "rational" questions when they're in that space such as, "Why didn't you call the police?" or "What did your friends think of that?" Too hard. Too hard cognitively. They're in a "split state" - left right brain split, and that's fine. It's entirely safe. Just use prompts such as, "What happened next?" or "Do you want to tell us any more?" and "You're safe now." They might want to hold your hand while they're telling you their story - or a hand on the shoulder may be comforting. This will help keep them grounded and "here" for certain parts of their story. It could be too hard for them to "face their demons" alone.  A hand offered and rejected is better than feelings of isolation.

Occasionally, someone might start to black out, back into their experience and won't be able to see what's around them. This is often precursored by agitation, requests for the conversation to stop, visible shaking, violence.

. It's possible you'll get MUCH MORE than you bargained for if you do. If you observe an elevated level of agitation start to happen in someone, let them know they are safe and that you are backing off. Ask them to focus on their breath going in and out past their lips and through their nose. Say, "You are here. We are here. You are safe. It's alright. We are safe." [breathe]  Note: If agitation continues, look straight at them and firmly tell them in a calm quiet voice that they are not allowed to hurt you or damage any property. That's the deal. Be firm.  Always keep tissues handy.

This is THEIR experience and they need to have it - in that moment.

.  BE Resolute.  STAND in your OWN POWER.

You BE there for them - in your FULL STANDING and POWER as a Sovereign Living Being in full possession of WILL and Faculty.

YOU are their STRENGTH and SAFETY in that moment.

Be all of that for your friend.

In short: There are many more layers to their story than you could ever know about. So don't be hasty to "rescue". Just Stand. And BE. And HEAR them impartially in that moment -

Just like Abe did for Alisa and Gabriel. Thanks. I hope this helped people. I hope I showed you we are dealing with "torn worlds" and are dipping back and back, to recover the lost parts of the soul's darkest night. And please always remember: 

It IS just a Moment...  

And this too shall pass...


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