Wednesday 8 April 2015

Re: ET arrival, Journalists, the human condition and other synchronicities


Anon:  Hi BL. I'm not sure about [name]. I've had some dealings with the [organisation] which was not as democratic as it seemed. A few other people who worked on it and were bruised, but that's just my personal opinion. I was excited when I first saw it... Just thought I'd say.

BL:  Thanks. We are all human. I think it's a problem for humanity when we see some kind of a "leader" and next thing they are behaving like "a human" (surprise, surprise) with all sorts of baggage...  [Name] is standing for Humanity. That can only be good... I'm still looking into it, to see how it's been set up.

Anon:  Yep. You could be right. Victory to us and fingers up to the rest...

BL:  Hell... I know for all my great intentions my father's potty-mouth and anger issues come out in me. We are all SO not perfect. It keeps us humble

Anon:  yep all fallible.. and some more than others..

BL:  Apparently even Mother Theresa was a real bitch !! - from people who worked with her.  So we're all cracked pots, but the way we have been "sold" to by the illusion-makers (media-owning Zionists), we have this "gauze" over our eyes where we think to IDOLISE someone = they are perfect. It's just a game our own minds like to play. These concepts are not real

Anon:  yep that's true. I heard that about Mother Teresa.. Got to be a bit flawed to fight them all I suppose...

BL:  ALL humans who are fighting for the lives of other people have failings. The pressure is great. We sometimes pop !! Or go into superiority "stuff" or other distractions. If this is the worst manifestation a soul-being can come up with, I think we can live with that.

Anon:  Yep ... that's the buttons we are pressing to learn nowadays... to be discerning.

BL: Apparently even Ghandi was HORRIBLE to his own wife !! But see again, that's "just" the cultural stuff (environmental) of where we are born into... such as my father being a complete Dracon pedophile ASS who drove my mother into the ground... but he gave me fighting genes. I just have to keep moderating my behaviour and not get crazy.

Anon:  yep understand you.. we get all this shite to play with to play in this changing times.. ha ha on a good day!!!

BL:  Why did the people go away "sad" from [organisation]?

Anon:  They went in freely to help and found a hierarchy of what they could do or say, and were told off on occasions... very under the thumb and not grown up or inclusive.

BL:  Hmmm... I've noticed myself when i've tried to kick off a couple of initiatives, that it's really hard to convey your "dream" or the end goal to other people. Then people have started interpreting my words and they go and do what they've "heard", but because i've got the "big plan" in my head, I see they haven't got it at all. Then the offences begin. What "looks like" control, hierarchy, a dictatorship, might in fact be somebody who's saying "Here's the plan. I have it. Please follow this..."

Anon: There seemed to be some very controlling ppl at the top and others didn't seem to have any respect for inclusivity and seemed to want minions less intelligent than themselves. I did get bad vibes in the end after being very enthusiastic.  The leader was above it all and seemed to expect his minions to find minions.

BL:  Hahahaha !!

Anon:  it's all an illusion I hope or I'll implode

BL: Yup. All this is illusory

Anon:  roll on new world..

BL:  It's just a game. That's why I don't "play fair" sometimes.  Have you seen the Holographic Disclosure videos? Brilliant.

The Holographic Disclosure 1 of 7

Published May 27, 2012

Anon:  I hope we will just get it soon...  It's funny old times to discern what is what. Perhaps there's some good and bad in all... The Hampstead case is such an extraordinary one... It has to play out on multiple levels..

BL:  Yup. I guess the tactics that worked in the past with Hollie Grieg and other cases can't work now. The People are more onto it.

Anon:  Maybe with links to spooks or ex ones.

BL:  Yeah... you've gotta get you little extra silver somehow, right?

Anon:  I am going to cobra conference weird and wonderful.. I went when he came to London a few years ago... It will be revealing I think.

BL:  oooOOOOOooooo  : )  The only "channeller" I listen to is Barbara Marciniak.  All the rest leave me cold.

Anon:  I like Lauren Gorgo and Matt Kahn .. practical with sense humour and denise le fay and meg benedicte and lee harris and anyone who says soon I just scream

BL: Cobra, Poofness, all the "Michaels" all the "Jesus" all the "Sophias" ... blah... blah... blah... blah... Yeah.  I don't know those ones. Too busy chasing down the Institutional paedos atm

Anon:  cobra I like more than the rest as he doesn't bullshit and flannel so much and I've seen him and he is not fluffy.. the poof lot are just daft....  anyway it will happen.. keep up the good work.. the shite can't stay hidden much longer in these energies I feel.

BL:  Barbara is all good... I loved her May 2014 predictions for the planet which are unfolding even now... well... not "hers". This is the Pleaidean collective speaking. She speaks in a totally different voice normally. I made transcript. This is another blog I have...

Anon:  thanks will look at  : )  It's so spooky in the family courts...  it's seriously not human...  I have read that as energies rise the dark lot can't get their energy back so quickly when they intend something.. takes ages apparently... so I presume that's why the UK politicians look so wrong footed now with election etc. as all the energy has been taken out of them... or some. Just my delusional idea...

BL:  Yes. Totally... vibrational levels have changed. One woman... Arcturian, Canada CONFIRMS that all dark entity off-worlders are now off the planet. At the end of her third video in this series, from memory. She's connected. I checked her out. She's all good too

Anon:  I think we are dealing with the debris flying up and last battles.. tough stuff..

BL:  Yup. I'm pretty sure that's what she says. There's just the "energetic residue". Have a listen to her sometime.

Anon:  victory to us all eh. will do.

BL:  The only bit she has different to me is the Arcturians' height. It's quite possible her 5th dimensional 4 foot Arcturians are different to my 7 foot Arcturians in the 7th and 9th dimensions. I can't see 9's at all. 7's are Light Beings. I've only seen them in my "dreams". The 9s are my "invisible" Masters who teach me bio-resonance for transportation systems... stuff like that. They're brilliant scientists. They mainly play in the Quantum Field = physicists, metaphysicists, philosophers

Anon:  great will look at.. you are so lucky to go there

BL:  Here's more or less what I saw.... HUGE 7-8 foot Light Beings

Anon:  amazing stuff

BL:  Hahaha... It just kind of happened. Apparently, we dream about our off world families all the time. It's just that we don't remember them. "Ask and you shall receive."

BL:  My Nov 2012 dream... even though it was very benign... It freaked me out for nearly 2 years. It was only around Sept 2014 that I accepted they weren't just going to "turn up in my living room" or something.  They've "convinced" me now, they are very gentle folk

Anon:  that's good news.. I always think they are ok, despite all the internet scare stories.. everyone must be higher intelligence than us earthlings....

Anon:  yep my dreams are nuts and jumbled, must ask for families.. For the last day or so have been feeling nuts as this world is so dysfunctional and meant to be elsewhere... very different.. we must be on the very tipping point..

BL:  Yes. We are. 2015 is going to be the year. I'm SURE of it... For the old men behind the curtain to be revealed... aka. the Old Egyptian Babylonian Roman houses of Europe. And for Light Beings to start appearing on Earth Plane as the vibration of this planet continues to rise.... as human hearts continue to expand

Anon:  Hope this is all kicking off now!! Feel it is.. ppl are waking up and one or two good woman politicians in UK speaking out.. about time..

BL:  They're not "higher" than us btw. A part of their MO and interest in us is that WE "mere" earth beings can do LOTS of stuff that they can't. It fascinates them.  eg: their babies arrive straight from the etheric. So you can imagine how copulation, fertilisation, child birth is a REAL WOWZER !!! for them

BL:  It's just stuff like "How did you grow this apple" ?? that fascinates them... because this is a hologram.  So HOW THE HELL DID YOU GROW THIS APPLE !!!  Yes. It's a really viable question

How did we?

Anon:  ha ha are we there yet is what I say..

BL: Oh heck... It's all been "kicking off" for the last 100 years, in our modern history.

btw. There's no such thing as "hope". I noticed you use it a couple of times... This is basically a channelled piece. My blog is smattered with pieces like this

Anon:  thanks will read.. yep take on board.. not hope but know

BL:  Yup. Bang on! You either KNOW something or you don't. That's all there is.  The NOW is all we have.  The K-NOW  is all we have. The rest is illusion.

Anon:  I have this image of them looking over us like Big Brother in their coffee break, to see how we are doing... damn amazing what we are doing now going thru our final lessons and reviewing stuff etc.. give us a galactic medal one day..  yep birth must be eye raiser..

BL:  Hmmm... another misperception...  You know how we can't see them...??  We are just "aware" of them ??  Same thing for them too. Which is why they can't "rescue" us. They simply don't have access to this frequency.

Anon:  do they get nearer to us as our frequency gets higher tho'?

BL:  I think what happened was: In the last few months of 2012 I was really tuning in to all the higher elevated stuff... Scenario 2012 and such like and doing all the portal meditations...

BL:  And it was around that time I had my big "mind blow out" dream... on board their light ship. November 16, 2012.  So that would substantiate what we were saying before... that they can't see us and we can't see them, until we elevate and raise the vibration in our hearts a bit more. But yes. It's certainly happening....

Anon: I can get a lot more in the last week or so with higher energies.. but if go back into 3D boring stuff have to do, loose frequencies for a bit and have to work to get them back... yes agree.. it is happening and it needs mastery if you learn it..

BL:  Another thing I love about the Arcs is they say quite openly... "We don't know when it will happen..." Because they live in Vibrational Plane. They see us as Vibration... in the same way we see them as Vibrational Light Being

Anon:  and expect they can't understand how we feel in duality. and how hard it is.. Blossom Godchild touched on this in her channeling and they admitted they hadn't understood how hard it was.

BL:  Yup. That's another one of their fascinations - duality. See... you're talking to them now, as am I

Anon:  but isn't it funny that we are on the other side of world and don't know each other and can talk abount this stuff quite freely.  Duality a pain in ass.. that's why we are all so unhappy..

BL: Sure. There is no separation. That's the LIES of the Puppet Masters right there.

Anon:  that's why I've got to the point why I am so over it all.. as are millions I'm sure.. Tipping point has to implode some time.

BL:  Here's the deal about what happened to the world... and where we are going. Published 14-7-14

BL:  btw. My birthdate is 16-1-61. I'm full of 7's. And full of Saturnian MAGIC !! I think that's why I can see the Tricks of the Black Magic Puppet Masters of Babylon Egypt and Rome so clearly... Capricorn Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury (fast messenger) conjunct. All in Capricorn (Saturnalia) ruled by Saturn. I also did a Classical Studies major at Uni as "chance" would have it  

Anon:  ha ha yes must be your role..  I'm 10 april and old bird. I can walk amongst the dark lot and not get affected too much.. I used to work for [publisher] and he was a bit wary of me

Anon:  funny how we learn this stuff before we realise how useful it will be..

BL:  It's Consciousness flowing...

BL:  Nice... April... Aries? Nice !! The Ram... one of the major signs of Rome. The New Year in the Roman Calendar !!  1-1   Excellent !! Well set we are !!  

BL:  [publisher name] !!! What a great training ground !! Heck !!  He could feel your vibe, i'm sure !! 

Anon:  yep lots of my friends are aries as well.. I think the energy will just push and push.. I used to run [department] for [organisation] and [organisation] before that in europe before [publisher] took it over.. good training to juggle lots of info

Anon:  I don't do it any more.. I'm apart time hypnotherapist.. and would-be multi-dimensional jumper

BL:  Wow !! Fantastic !! Last year I did the National Diploma of Journalism (NZ). What's the chances we could start obtaining and writing "proper" journo articles together... ??? to start getting our info published in the msm ??

Anon:  would be good wouldn't it when it all breaks down, I really think all our old training is meant for something in the future. They will need communications people galore who are heart centered when it all breaks up. Cos ppl will just feel who is genuine.

BL:  A "random" #Whistleblower guy sent me a press release around three days ago where I was bcc:d in with around 30 email addresses for UK msm and alternative media. I replied and asked him why he included me. Mine was the only private email address and was the only bcc. It's as though the Universe got him to include me, so I had access to all these outlets for print and broadcast media in the UK.

I thought at the time, "There's something going on here. What am I meant to be looking out for?"
It might have been for you Anon [name] !!!

BL:  Yes. That's why I did journalism at this late stage in life. That's what I felt too... because atm. the people in the News Rooms actually (generally) don't have any clue at all.

Anon:  it's true most don't know how to write or communicate factually .. and I've noticed recently how much people's writing gives them away as with an old ex of mine... And I hate how people slag each other off on forums as with Hampstead kids, rather than having intelligence to admit they don't know it all too soon..  have a good day in these high vibes and energies 

BL:  re: Journos writing "factually". All a journos job is, is to write down what other people are saying. So if an interview says, "I saw a purple cat rescue the 200 pound man out of the 3-inch wide PVC downpipe..." that's what they write. It's a no-brainer. You just get your second interview then which says, "Our company produces the finest PVC. We are insured against 200 pound men getting stuck in our product. We are grateful that the purple cat was nearby to help him get out."

Job done !! Two eye witnesses. Job done. Ask no questions. Don't engage brain.

Anon: yep true and if you question bye bye

BL:  Yeah.. That's it. Head down. Type the bs. up. Go home and don't let the fact that you've just spewed bs. out to the public get to your conscience. The mortgage is paid. that's all that matters.

- - - -

BL:  Sorry... Re-reading thread... "Oh heck... It's all been "kicking off" for the last 100 years, in our modern history." ie: They [ET] have been coming here regularly since 1900.  Your reply was: "if I'd have known there was 100 years to go, I'd have disappeared under the duvet forever.."

BL:  Nope. It's HERE. NOW. They are appearing to people all over the world. I met a "mantis" lady in November 2013. It was really interesting. Yes. She was in FULL PHYSICAL. I was with two other light workers who worked out who she was too, instantaneously. We were in a public park.

BL:  She was very nervous. I took her hands, looked into her eyes, told her we are all One from the same Creative Source. She had no reason to fear me or my friends... spoke words of peace... She was even open to being embraced... Strange (not really) her body felt like she had an exo-skeleton. She might have just been a "regular" woman with a really pulled back face, high, high cheek bones, small darting eyes, longish thin fingers, with a smooth corset on and a thick Eastern European accent. But also: she kind of "disappeared". A few seconds later (20 secs), after we three turned to each other again with "that was strange", we looked back over (behind us) where she had walked and there was no-one in the park ????

So yes... They ARE appearing... 100s of races of different Living Beings. It's going to be fun !! xx

Anon:  fascinating.. Yes I once saw a man who asked for directions who was not from here, and hesitant, and also at David Wicock conference I went to in London few years ago, a few people just didn't walk like humans and one lady just smiled and scanned the room as she looked around..  It will be great to see them all.

BL:  Ok. So you're seeing them too...  See....

BL:  That's exactly what this lady did !! She asked for directions to the "airport" as she had a flight to catch !! Lol !! That was a bit of a give-away, we thought. Especially since she said,"They couldn't fit everyone in, so they're going to come back and pick me up." ????

Anon:  ha ha funny.. It's funny how we have these encounters and a bit of us just knows the people aren't from here.. I only had it once outside the David Wilock conference and I just knew on one level..

Anon:  they seem a bit shy don't they, but they would coming to a crazy planet like this with all of us.

BL:  Yes. We are crazy. We are REALLY messed up !! Complete culture shock !!

Anon:  at least we know we are crazy

BL:  Hehehehe....  Ok. Must let you go. I feel some ice cream calling !! It's nearly lunchtime

Anon:  all the msm is so controlled still.. yep got to go to bed.. have a great day. lunch.. etc.. great to chat.. will visit you in sleep time perhaps .. gawd knows where I go

BL:  Yes. We will catch up there !! xx

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