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Mayan Elder Don Alejandro. Free Movie "Shift of the Ages" Until 15 January 2013


Uploaded on Apr 11, 2009
Mayan Elder and 13th Generation Shaman
Don Alejandro Perez Oxlaj

The following is a letter I received as a Shift of the Ages subscriber:

Shift of the Ages

Good day friends of Common Passion and Shift of the Ages,

We are deep into a period of heightened collective consciousness activity around the winter solstice, and the hopes and fears around Dec 21st, 2012, who many believe is the end of the Mayan Calendar.

If you've had a chance to view the Shift of the Ages film you'll know what actual Mayan elders have to say about this nonsensical, non-Mayan perceptive of their ancient system of time keeping.

The indigenous elders with whom we work - Grand Elder Wandering Wolf, Grandmother Elizabeth Araujo and Chief Phil Lane, Jr. - have made a special request of us:

They have asked us to extend the opportunity for donation-based viewing of Shift of the Ages as a tribute to the children who lost their lives, not only recently in the tragedy in the US, but also those innocent souls who suffer and die daily around the world. They feel it is critical that the world receives now the powerful message in Shift of the Ages.
Therefore we have decided to extend the donation-based viewing as part of our Global Online Benefit Premiere of Shift of the Ages until January 15th, 2013. So people around the world may view the film online, and then make donations as they feel is appropriate. This allows those who cannot afford to pay the opportunity to view it for another 25 days.

You may view Shift of the Ages film from any internet-connected computer here:

Please be aware that this is costly endeavor for us. Even though over 10,000 people have viewed the film to date, less than 2% are giving. Those who give are giving quite generously though, an average of $60! And we thank you most humbly. However that generous giving leaves us far short of the costs to continue hosting the film on this basis. We are trusting in the compassion and generosity of our viewers to help spread Wandering Wolf's message to a global audience, and we know that YOU are already doing that, and we thank you!

One final note, the Common Passion Global Concordance on December 22nd will only occur offline, not as a Tele-Webcast as planned. Here is the Shared Intention we can hold in heart and mind throughout the next few days:

With the world obviously not ending - as many people falsely believed the Maya predicted would happen tomorrow - we have the same opportunity as today, to greet each day anew and work with its unique energies. We always have the ability to live in two worlds simultaneously. Those who are experiencing their shift can truly give testimony to how awkward yet how delightful this sensibility can be. However, it takes courage, perseverance and compassion to be willing to shift and still live amongst those who have not.

I AM born anew every moment. I am whole this moment. I am aware of my connection with others, like the fingers of the hand. I smile in appreciation for the positive changes I see in my shifting world, and become an active part of the solution to the conflict, poverty and divisiveness in my world.

Please join us!

All our best,
Joseph R Giove and the Common Passion and Shift of the Ages Creative Teams
Founder, Executive Director

PS. Please view our work and the organizations we support here:  

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