Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Michael Moore on Newtown Shootings

2012 DECEMBER 17
Posted by Steve Beckow
From: Michael Moore [mailto:maillist@michaelmoore.com]
Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2012 9:32 PM

A Note From Michael Moore

I am truly beside myself this time. I tried to ring a warning bell about this a decade ago. The disease has only gotten worse.

But…you feel something different in the air across America tonight, don’t you? People have had it and the outrage is loud and visible. I’m convinced the majority of Americans will now back strong gun control laws. And a better mental health care system. And perhaps a few are willing to look at the deeper issue of how this country officially sanctions violence as a means to an end.

The NRA, for the first time ever, has gone silent. They’ve taken their Facebook page down. They know they can’t show up in Newtown next week and stick it to the people there, like they usually do after one of these mass killings. Let’s face it, the gun lobby tonight is on the ropes. Now is the time to act. We can’t let this sad moment pass without a true response and a president willing to be a strong leader...

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"... and I saw you all in your countries standing up in the force of this great cleansing and Awakening Energy.  After a couple more sweeps over all the people on the Earth, I saw it...  A look of "what the hell am I doing?" on all of the faces of the people...  and with that, thousands and thousands of men particularly, millions of them in fact, just put down their guns and put them on the ground. They bent down and lay all of their weapons down. They could not pick them up any more.  No more violence was left in any person..."   - Bron

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