Tuesday, 11 December 2012

12-12-12 Global Meditation @ 12:12:12 NZ Time


First of all I feel quite exhilarated.  The space in my chest seems to be more open...  more 'capacious'  :D  which I would translate as a "capacity for spaciousness"  ; )   

This is interesting in itself...  At the end of 2010, I was involved in a 'spiritual' social site where good conversations were had and some good friends were made. In around January 2011 some things began shifting in me. When I checked my internal space, I found that I was carrying within me the Energy of  "transformation".  This then became my avatar.  I was then known as 'Transformation' on the site and embraced "transformation" as the Energy I carried.  

A similar moment/ realisation came to me around late Oct- early Nov 2012, just gone.  The internal feeling and the words were, "I Am Expansion and Capacity".  Wow !!  I liked that too !! And it feels right.  So it's pretty cool that right now, after this very special moment in time - 12:12:12 on 12-12-12 that my chest should feel so open... and into my mind pops this made up word, "capacious".  I am feeling "capacious"  =  a capacity for spaciousness.  

It feels like "a state of Grace"   : )   

My new personal mantra:  "I Am Expansion and Capacity...  I Am Spaciousness"

In the words of Echart Tolle, "I Am The Space"   : )



I share this personal experience with you in the hope that when you come to do your 12-12-12 meditation @ 12:12:12  YOUR time, that you will be open to receiving whatever images and messages that are given to you personally during this meditation. These thoughts, images and words come from The Source... from infinite Creator. Please don't be afraid of them entering your mind. They are messages from dimensions we can't as yet see with our physical eyes or ears. I will be meditating again with the 2012 Scenario Global Meditation (CST by the look of it) http://www.americantimezones.com/   *grins* Check out the site. You'll need audio  : )  For me in New Zealand this equates to 13 December at 7am - tomorrow morning !!  Here's the link so you can work out what the synchronized Global Meditation time is for you under the heading  ***Sacred Meditation Times:


If you feel led to, you might like to use my meditation experience as a guide if you'd prefer to work with somebody else's 'template'.  All of these things are absolutely fine...  As You Will   : ) There are no fixed rules or regulations...  Follow your heart and your own instincts and intuition. Trust that !!   YOU Are Right !!!   : )   Trust that   : )

OK. Here's the meditation...  

I started my meditation at 12:01 because i'm "really organised".  I then jumped up at around 12:05 to remind my flatmate to meditate at 12:12 because he'd just come home.  By the time I settled again, it was 12:07  (drip that I am).  It matters not.  I decided a 12 minute meditation would take me through to 12:19  so this worked out kind of perfect anyways    : )   I went a little longer in fact...  until 12:28.  All good...

After relaxing, etc...  I 'saw' a dark cobalt-blue globe hanging in space - our Mother Earth. I then noticed that my hands were underneath her, but not touching her. She had a slightly silvery glow about her edges. She just hovered over my open hands and kept on with her usual rotation. I watched this for a couple of minutes. I next found myself "zoomed in" (my hands were now down) and I was at an 8 o'clock position where the sun was at 12 o'clock.  This meant that the part of the Earth I was viewing from was in the 'East' and was in partial darkness (twilight). Also, the Earth was rotating towards me in an anti-clockwise orientation.  This is the current 'correct' direction of spin. The thing that wasn't 'normal' was that there was no axis tilt.  The Earth spun through an axis that was 0 degrees vertical. I think the 'normal' tilt is around 23 degrees. I observed this for a little while quietly.

Next thing, I was "zoomed out" again and my hands were again outstretched. This time, the Earth settled herself on my outstretched hands.  I then felt a 'lifting up' sensation through the timelessness of vacuous space. I looked under the Earth-ball, from where she was being drawn away from. It was like brown streaky clouds mingled in with the black of space. I looked towards where she was being lifted. There were streaks/ mists of sky-blue cloud in the black of space. She sat on my palms and I held her. It felt like she was like a little baby in my hands.  I drew her towards me in my hands, holding her tenderly... and as I did this, she (very surprisingly) began to absorb into the front of my chest and into my body.  I let her do this. I slowly absorbed her in. She sat inside my chest cavity.  She took up just the perfect amount of space to sit between my sternum and my spine.  Her 'equator' sat in alignment with my heart chakra. She was not rotating during this part of the meditation.

I could feel her inside me...  like I was incubating her. She was not pulsating, or anything...  just sitting quiet and cool inside my chest. I offered her my love and nurture. I felt like the protective mother hen, protecting a much-battered and abused Earth inside my chest space. I simply made it comfortable for her to be there... like I didn't struggle (mentally) with this concept or anything...  I just let it 'be'. I simply observed her and sent her my love and embrace in a quiet, non-pushy sort of way/ no urgency about it.  I then felt her 'dislodge' from my heart chakra and she began to move up into my throat.  There she was sitting as a dark cobalt-blue ball at my throat chakra. OK. That's slightly uncomfortable.  Hmmm...  What to do now ???  Well, usually the throat chakra relates to sound or speaking....  so I guessed that this was the way she wanted to re-emerge from my body...  ie: In the vibrations of my vocal sound she would be re-formed  : )   I began to vocalise...

The sound that came out of my mouth/ throat was deep and resonant. I started sounding "Ahhh..."  which became "Oooouuuu..."  so I thought I may as well stick the "mmmm..." on the end as well   ; )   "Aum..."  The 'Creation Sound'.  At each 'Aum' (or Om)  I visualised the form of the Earth coming out of my body as mists carried on the vibration of this sound.  I kept repeating the mantra "Om" until I felt all of her parts were completely out of me.  I even did a final "Om" while checking around internally to make sure that i'd picked up all of the tiny atoms that might have been left behind in me   : )  

There she was again...  Earth "reformed" out of my body... Symbolic of course...  and new within me was a sense of 'ownership', of 'participation', of 'responsibility', even 'parenting'... of wanting to be her 'protector'...  of me having an 'active' rather than a 'passive' role to play in the re-birthing of the Earth into her new (shiny) role at this time (I don't know what that role is in its entirety... I just know that it's very shiny)   : )  ... and the re-birthing of US into OUR new roles as her Guardians...  just as it was originally intended to be   : )  

After that I simply said a prayer for the Earth and all of Earth's inhabitants - human, animal, vegetable, mineral, molecular...   For Peace and Unity...  across all levels of Being  : )

I saw a bright shiny neon yellow light again, in my left eye.  It was not a spiral as it was in my last meditation on 22-11-12.  It was just a very bright light coming over a horizon, it seemed. And yes...  there it was...  The Sun rising on a New Day.   It is a New Day   : )

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