Monday, 3 December 2012


Somebody is writing under the pseudonym "Laurence Gilbert" claiming to be setting up a new financial system.  Do not give this person any money to supposedly carry out his claim.  Just think about it.  It will cost a lot more than $2,000 to implement a new financial system. Don't be suckered by this person. If I knew how to report this site, I would. If you know how to report and remove this site, could you please do so? This person is no more than a bookie taking the gamble that 'New Agers' are too stupid to not see a scam when it's right under their noses.  There appears to be a donation already of $100.  I have no doubt that this 'donation' was made by the author to his/ her own fund.  I do something very similar myself when i'm busking...  I put a few $1 & $2 coins into my flute case to encourage people to throw in more than just their nickels... but at least people are getting some beautiful music for their donation.  I am disgusted at this person    who is undoubtedly offering no public service   : (    DO NOT DONATE !!!!


  1. Hi. Why are you soliciting funds on your site to launch a new monetary system, when the new monetary system for the future has already been completed by various other agencies and is ready to be revealed? It doesn't need anyone's money thrown at it to make it happen. It's already done.

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