Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Earth Time Ceases: 21 December 2012 - January 2014

December 21, 2012 - What will happen

Published on Nov 13, 2012

The electromagnetic particles that will be flowing & interchanging between the planets during the 12. 21.12 alignment will be highly magnified and highly supercharged when they reach Earth. They will penetrate the crust, through the Earth and down into its core. At the actual moment of alignment it will cause the Earth to pause, for only a moment, and this process will completely transform the core of our planet to a completely new kind of energy form & source. This new energy form, in the language spoken on the Andromeda Council biospheres, the language of the Mirach star system in the Andromeda constellation, by the Andromeda Council scientists, is called: "sar". 

This will be the first time cosmic transformational event of this type ever... for a planet. Time will begin to go away throughout all of 2013. And Earth will continue her evolution & transformation process into becoming a higher dimensional world in January 2014.

Andromeda Council

YouTube - TolecfromDakote

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