Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Adam Lanza's & James Holmes' fathers and the LIBOR connection ??

I found out from a very reliable source today that the alleged links between the fathers of the alleged shooters and a LIBOR enquiry in the US may not be true at all. Conspiracies abound in regard to both the Aurora cinema and the Sandy Hook school shootings. We are not at the bottom of what went on yet.  Heads up.  Eyes open.

For another very informative blog site that is very much worth the visit go to the link below. Enter "Sandy Hook" in the site's Search engine for some interesting articles around this subject.


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Published on Dec 18, 2012

YouTube description:

"Never let a good Crisis go to waste."


1. The central focus of the Media and the White House is Gun Confiscation, what a surprise.
2. The White House is using this tragedy to attack all Preppers, Survivalists and Food Hoarders as the type which commit these crimes.
3. More Fascinating is the fact that Robert Holmes (Father Of alleged Shooter James Holmes ~ Aurora, CO.) and Peter Lanza (Father of alleged Shooter Adam Lanza ~ Sandy Hook) were both scheduled to testify before the US Senate in the biggest Bank Scam in World History ~ LIBOR, (and now, they reportedly will not be testifying).

This third point was not verified. There were no links to the primary source for this information in the video description. I have repeatedly asked helias314 for verifications/ links on the videos he posts. helias314 does not seem to see the importance of referencing his videos.

There are plenty of alternative news sites and blogs that endorse point 3. above as fact. There are no credible links giving a Primary Source for this information... they all reference each other, around and around, eg:  http://beforeitsnews.com/economics-and-politics/2012/12/2-mass-shootings-connected-to-libor-2447738.html

Sources to the contrary:

That's the trouble when you don't reference where you got your material from. YouTube's helias317 never references properly, ie: he never researches to find the Primary Source  :-/

Whenever you post...  EVERYBODY, PLEASE....  ALWAYS REFERENCE.  Thank you.

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