Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ascension Meditation - December 2012

Here is a meditation you can join with as we enter the Ascension time...


Today is your day to re-commit to your Soul's Ascension. 

We will be moving forward into very transformational days ripe with potential for CONNECTION, REMEMBERING and ACTIVATION. I am asking you to commit yourself to 10 minutes of soul meditation every day until January 1, 2013.

Sit or Lie down. Make sure you are comfortable. 

REALLY Connect with your heart, and from the depths of your being, say out loud:

"I ask and intend to connect and feel the presence of my higher self, the Earth and the Creator Of All That Is. I ask to feel the Love, that I know I AM a part of. I AM ONE with the LIGHT."

Focus your attention above your head, and visualize a beautiful brilliant white light descending from the center of the Universe. See It, Feel It...... CONNECT to you. Watch this light move through every part of your body....head, throat, shoulders, arms, heart, stomach, hips, legs and out the bottom of your feet into the Earth. Sit in this energy as you RE-MEMBER your truth as a spiritual being. Every cell in your body will begin to ACTIVATE.

[Alternative, as per explanation below: Visualise pink light emanating from your heart-space. Allow it to build up until it completely surrounds you... then visualise this pink light being directed into Mother Earth as you connect yourself directly into Her core centre...  This will assist in Gaia's ongoing healing and also with Mother Earth's/ Gaia's ascension into a 4D plane of Being.] 

Meditate on your LIGHT for as long as you feel guided to. If you are having problems with mind chatter, you can state the mantra: CONNECT, REMEMBER, ACTIVATE over and over again.

Have no expectations. Simply allow your self to FEEL your SELF.

For those who are committed to this process, I will be holding the space in my meditations everyday for each one of you to CONNECT, REMEMBER and ACTIVATE for your highest and best good. I will be working with my higher self, spiritual teams and the Creator sending out distant healing energies, and ascension codes from wherever I am. 

I will be in Little Rock Arkansas at the Earth Keeper 12-12-12 event dispersing codes to you, and on December 21, 22 and 23rd my soul has been asked to hold space in Jamaica as a conduit for the ascension energies to infiltrate that area so I will be dispersing codes and healing energies to you from there. 

The meditative work you begin today builds upon itself as we approach the 3 Days of LIGHT/ DARK on December 21, 22, 23.  In ONE Consciousness, be blessed! ~ Sabrina

Bronwyn   I've heard someone say recently that white light is about 'mind' which is very much to do with the paradigm we're moving out of. What this person suggested (I forget who)  was to visualise pink light coming from the heart and connecting with Mother Earth  Take your pick... there's no hard a fast rules. 

I've been hearing a lot about "shifting" to heart-centredness in our meditations and connecting to Mother Earth in the new paradigm, rather than all the "white lighting" we've been doing for the last few decades.  Because i've heard/ seen recommendations to shift away from mind/ 'third eye'/ pineal gland/ white light meditations from so many reliable sources now, I think this heart-centred meditation is probably a very valid one.

Do what you will and harm none.

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