Sunday, 16 December 2012

A Pragmatic-Science-Mayan Perspective

I'm back...  at last  : )   It's been a rough fortnight.  I've been working night shifts with my job....  so it's enough to manage this without adding blogging into the mix  :-/  

Regarding the last post:  "Pole Shift" by Bruce Fenton...  what I wanted to say is this ~

I think it's really good that there's people like Bruce Fenton out there writing about the 2012 stuff from a science-biased perspective.  He also seems to be highly intuitive, knowledgeable in things Mayan, knowledgeable in all kinds of other areas....   I think his site provides a much-needed counter-balance to a lot of the 'information' going around at the moment.  His posts are pragmatic and often non-sensational...  so they don't make such exciting reading...  but I think what he has to say is very important   : )

Here's Bruce's Home page...  Enjoy


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