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Pole Shift Expected 31-3-13. Article by Bruce Fenton

2012 Rising

12/12/12 Final Countdown to Doomsday or Ascension?

by Bruce Fenton
10 Dec 2012

After ten years of direct involvement with researching and talking on the subject of the Maya Long Count calendar countdown we are finally reaching its most notable point, the long awaited 4-Ahau 3-Kankin day that is accurately calculated to correspond to our own 21-12-2012. It seems a good moment then to give a few of my updated thoughts on this matter.

Firstly I should say that the date 12-12-12 just so happens to be the Mayan day 8-Batz, this is the start of the 260 day Tzolkin calendar, New Year’s Day according to the unbroken traditions of the Maya people in Guatemala. This is in itself a pretty amazing coincidence, one that I have discussed previously, it also happens to be exactly nine days from the culmination point of 21-12-2012. Nine is an extremely important number in the Maya cosmology and is directly associated to the Maya 2012 prophecies by means of the references to Bolon Yokte Ku, or translated at times as nine foot tree god. It is not unreasonable to expect some kind of interesting event on this date of 12/12/12 in light of the overlap with an important Mayan date. We shall certainly soon see!

In the last few months we have been following the energy shifts as they happened and have tried to interpret and then link them to physical events, not with 100% success, we are of course not all knowing. All of the dates proved to show energy shifts yet we sometimes predicted ramp ups in earth changes when actually the manifestation was the exact opposite, energy going sharply down. Just to be specific we mentioned in the previous post that we predicted an 8.0+ earthquake in South East Asia for end of March or early April 2012, which did transpire, even being at one of the two locations we had mentioned on Facebook (Bay of Bengal). Then we accurately predicted a strong earthquake for 14/08/12, expecting around an 8.0 a 7.7 occurred, followed by our prediction of another such event on 28/10/12 that would be the start of a 4 day energetic happening likely to involve water and darkness, we then had another 7.7 and the 4 days of hurricane Sandy which left New York flooded and without power.  Following this we felt another shift for the 17th of November, in the Japan region, we expected a 7.0 but got a 6.8 reported that was then downgraded by USGS to a 6.5 (also a 6.1 near Tonga), not a very powerful event, we were left slightly confused as to why this date had been highlighted until we realised later that earthquakes dropped off straight after this. In fact there was nothing at even a 6.0 strength for the following 15 days. The next shift we detected was for the period 28th November to 2nd December, the 28th was notable for the start of an upswing in volcanic activity with 6 reported volcano stories coming to my attention, and unusual activity at the Yellowstone park. Through the rest of that period we then had news that California was being lashed by consecutive strong storm systems, Vietnam by its strongest series of tremors in 55 years. An interesting finding was announced on the 1st of December by Nature magazine, that a spike in atmospheric Carbon-14 around 1200 years ago suggested the sun was capable of unleashing storms of strengths around 60 times that of the one which knocked out power grids in Canada back in 1989. Then on the 2nd of December the first  6.0+ quake in over two weeks finally hit, with a 6.4 striking Vanuatu, this announced a new stage in earth movement activity...

As of today 10/12/12 (10 Dec)  we have seen a return to levels above the 7 day average with 38 5.0+ in the last 7 days, including both a 6.3 and 6.2 also on the 7 Dec, and a 7.2 today in Indonesia. I must say that two 7.0+ in just 3 days is pretty interesting considering our proximity to the big shift in energy scheduled on the 21 Dec. Prior to that the two dates standing out to us are the 12 Dec and the 17 Dec,  with some interesting astronomy for the latter that may be part of the story.

Clearly the Long Count countdown is not really an earthquake calendar and it is not tracking a big earthquake, but the energies involved do relate to seismic activity. As the planet goes through its ascension and cleansing process, running from 1980 to 2016 (the window of galactic alignment with the centre of the Milky Way) it goes through a shifting of its physical surface. The central occurrence to this is an axial pole shift, this is the reason why we tend to talk about earthquakes activity, not because it is the sole type of happening related to the process we are in, clearly all kinds of crazy things have been happening in recent months and during the last few years. We were told very specifically that the strong earthquake destined for the 14th of August 2012 would be the sign that the Pole Shift process was moving up to its highest gear prior to the actual full shift in March 2013, this being of potentially 10 to 30 degrees of earth crust displacement, movement of the physical poles and equator.
If we are expecting this potentially devastating event in March 2013 it raises the question of why is there any focus on 21-12-2012, what was it that this Long Count was tracking?
We believe that it is essentially the final warning bell, the date that a radical shift in energy will happen, those sensitive to higher vibrational frequencies will indeed certainly feel this shift, the Earth itself and the planets will also be affected, it is probable we will see many signs across our solar system that something has changed on that date. We should not look only at our planet and not limit to just negative seeming physical events like storms and quakes. It is quite likely there will also be some of these and they too are indeed part of the signs of what is to come. Further to this I personally expect there to be an occurrence in space of note [so do I as per a dream I had in 2011 - an unusual eclipse]  and an occurrence involving returning ancient wisdom. This could extend to returning ancients themselves! There is so much potential for the day and so much human focus on it that we are not brave enough to tie down that date to one preferred expectation, again I say we are not all knowing, we will be looking forwards to the surprise!

What then is my own focus? Will I be hiding in a hole on 21-12-2012?  The answer is a definite ‘no’.  I certainly do not expect the sky to fall on my head that day, or to be personally hit by any major events that may well happen, here in Ecuador I do not expect much to happen in that respect, hence being located here. Instead I will be using the day for meditation and connecting with Pacha Mama (the Earth spirit) so as to keep in step with her ascension, and to get updated reading of how the energy will progress towards the next ultra-important calendar date, being 13-Ahau 3-Wayeb or 31-03-2013. This date is highlighted by several notable figures, these quotes from senior Maya elders are perhaps most helpful in giving support to my position on this matter.
Maya Shaman Gerado Barrios has this to say: 
"We are now in a transition period called the 'Cycle of the merge of the dark and the light.' The cycle of the light will come in full force on 12/21/2012. Mother Earth as a living entity will transcend to another level or frequency of consciousness and a new and special era will begin. This era will be very positive. 'Let all beings rise. Let not one or two stay behind.' The times are here for total brotherhood. The spirit beings, different philosophies, different races must begin to weave together all knowledge to create the tapestry of harmony and balance...The elders ordered much spiritual work bringing together many indigenous tribes from many countries to perform 'planetary acupuncture'." 
Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men comments on our imminent, ancient remembrance:
"According to the prophecies, in the year 2013 the first stage of higher understanding will begin. If we are willing to work with our subconscious, we will then be able to reclaim the information that has been impregnated in the deepest parts of our being. In this way, the ancient knowledge will rise again."
"On March 31, 2013 the sun will be hidden for a period of 60-70 hours and this is when we shall enter the period of the Fifth Sun."
There are several major events underway according to my own research and supported by other sources, these are all explored fully in my book 2012 Rising: The Last Tzolkin. I expect these major events to become clearly manifest during the period between 21-12-12 and 31-3-13. Included in the list are a magnetic pole reversal, a physical pole reversal, a galactic superwave incursion, a super storm from our sun and several impacts from significant sized meteorites. I do not see any planet X about to appear in our skies, nor any effect from the black hole supposedly involved in the galactic alignment, but frankly I think we have enough to deal with even without those!
For me a new focus of my work will be in dedicating myself more to revealing the true lost history of mankind on this planet, the story of the alien manipulation involved in the origins of the first Homo Sapiens. We have also accepted our task will be largely the sharing of the knowledge we have been given regarding how humanity is supposed to be preparing for the spiritual upgrades that will happen for the planetary being itself. There is much more to the great shift of the ages than simply stocking up on water and buying candles, though these seem to be the most notable related activities appearing in the mainstream media. We are among those ‘lightworkers’ receiving information about how to approach matters such as ascension, or what to expect regarding the 3 days of darkness. We will do our best to fulfil our life paths here at this time, in this incarnation.
We offer the fuller account of our research and experiences regarding the current shift event within our book  ‘2012 Rising The last Tzolkin’.  A second book should be available very early in 2013 – certainly prior to March.
By Bruce Fenton 



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