Thursday, 20 December 2012

12-21-12 Meditation at 11:11am NZ Time

Well, it was a lovely meditation. Nothing at all spectacular happened...  

I went out to the back of the property where I live just before I started the meditation.  There I found my very nice Awakened land lady fossicking away in the garden shed. There she was... TIDYING UP the mess that's been in there for the last 2 years !!!  - one of the topics of my last post !!  ... "clearing". Wow !!  That pretty much confirmed it for me  :D   We ARE releasing the old.

I then went to my front garden and sat on the porch step...  but that didn't feel "close enough".  I HAD TO lie on the grass...  on my front lawn with no fence to the street  ; )   It's a very safe neighbourhood so it's fine to do this.  I tucked myself away behind a small bushy tree - a ponga/ tree fern.  And there I lay for 30 minutes or so...  musing on the situation of the Energy of "clearing" and then paying attention to Mother. I made the connection with Mother by placing my awareness in my heart-space, then simply allowing that loving energy to drop down and into the earth. I felt a twinge in my lower spine (grounding) and so I focussed on this area too for a while and allowed strong cords to go down...  attaching/ anchoring myself to Gaia. I connected myself strongly to her and sent her my love and gratitude. I expressed to her thoughts of thanks, and "how she's always there for me", providing food, shelter, warmth, clothing, water, air...  When all else fails, Mother Earth is there for us  : )   This is compassion. 

Bron's garden Jan-April 2011

I felt very heavy in my body lying there on the grass... on our Mother... and then a very 'cute' thing happened. I felt myself as a little baby in the arm of the mother...  So nurtured...  So at peace.  She IS our Mother  : )   

We feel so good when we lie on the ground, don't we?  Why do we only 'allow' ourselves to do this at the beach?  It would be great if humanity could regularly lie on the ground, just as a 'normal' thing to do...  They used to do this on the Russian steppes during the time of the Vedrus. It re-energised the people and gave the young warriors great strength  : )

"Young man enjoying daisies" - Estonia        "Young woman communing with Mother" - Aussie

There was some very light drizzle... just whispers of moisture really... as I lay there on the grass finishing my meditation. As I hadn't eaten breakfast yet (11:45am) I decided my 'ceremony' would be drawn to a perfect close if I ate my brunch out of the garden entirely.  I wandered about picking strawberries, cape gooseberries, black currants and small leafy bits of this and that until I had a good couple of handfuls - lacy lettuce, purple lettuce, rocket, young brassica leaves, mint, thyme & thyme flowers, sage, milk weed/ sow thistle, parsley, parcel, silverbeet... It got topped off with grated green ginger and a couple of good pinches of Black Himalayan Salt and organic aniseed, a swirl or two of Italian cold pressed olive oil and a splodge of feijoa chutney I made from last year's autumn harvest.  Hungry yet?  Good  : )   This IS the way to eat...  directly from our Mother  : )   And except for the sugar, vinegar (chutney), oil, ginger and seeds, IT WAS ALL FREE !!  Thank you Mother.

It began to rain...  rain began cascading off the spouting (a convenient blockage in the guttering) so I brought my rainwater collection container out to catch the rainwater  : )   I sat on the old wicker seat eating a vibrant, fresh, free, VERY HEALTHY lunch listening to the rain fill up my container.  I filled up 3 x 10 litre containers  : )   Wow !!  It's all so easy !!!   :D   Total provision !!   :D

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you....    


None of us need to feel like a motherless child any longer...  We Have Mother   : )



Richie Havens 1969 Woodstock - Freedom

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Richie Havens 1969 Woodstock - Freedom

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