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George Kavassilas on 12-21-12 Energetic Shift for Planet Earth

Wow !!  Interesting video !!  Especially when he talks about the "organic light" coming from the core of our Earth Mother ...  (15:00)  "Grace..."  (17:00)  This video is quite a challenge, but i'm open to it being the new reality  : )

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"The thing I really noticed about Earth was that she was shining luminously in blue-white !! It was as though she was shining with an inner energy that was her own. "The Earth is Alive!!!" I realised I had never quite believed this before until I saw the presence and essence of her aliveness in my dream. "The Mother is living !! A persona. An entity." The 'aura' around the earth was very thick (much thicker than in these images) like a radiant mist. It took me by surprise how vibrant and alive our Earth is !! She is actually a Living Being !! I looked and marvelled..."   - Bron

"The space in my chest seems to be more open... The internal feeling and the words were, "I Am Expansion and Capacity"... it's pretty cool that right now, after this very special moment in time - 12:12:12 on 12-12-12 that my chest should feel so open... It feels like 'a state of Grace'."   : )   - Bron

"Co-ordinated False Light Attack on Mother Earth and Humanity"

Published on Dec 15, 2012

George takes the viewer on a deep mind expanding journey on how the modern day priestly caste and the new age luminaries have high jacked 21st December 2012 and what we can do about it.

He shows how on 21st December the priestly caste and new age luminaries are asking people to travel to scared sites to inject false synthetic light energies into Mother Earth's ley lines, right at a time when she is about to birth anew!

Instead he asks us to be authentic. 

When you are doing your mediations and contemplations on 21st December let go of all these false external programs, rituals, doctrines and practices and go into a place of just being to allow yourself to reconnect with you and bring out your organic light from your heart center (not the fragmented heart charka) !

If you would like to learn more about the message George has to share with his human family visit

Transcript  (excerpts):

[The new religion the New Age movement]   "... is still designed to sever one's relationship with their Mother Planet, the Divine Feminine and their core heart-soul essence of who and what we are..."   (06:30)

"Do I exist beyond the chakra system... ???"   (10:45)    

"I'm not going to put any limits on my spiritual sovereignty."   (11:30)

"As we move beyond the chakra system...  there's a sense of peace."    (12:50)

"Organic light...."   (14:45)   "We have a single energetic centre..."  [touches his heart centre]

"I have the Universe within me.  I AM the Universe."  (18:00)

"I don't need this serpent in my Tree of Life...  that is, my central nervous system."  (18:45)

"... I'm interested in heart enlightenment."    (19:30)

"The heart chakra is conditional love."  (20:40)

"But what if that's the Universe of Synthetic Light... ??"    (22:05)

"I'm only interested in organic love and organic light.  It's not a blissed out sensation; it's a steady state of grace."  (23:40)

"You see... when you're stripped away from all of these programmes, you know what's left?  ... You."   (24:00)   "... Being.  Just being authentic...  and contemplating deeply."  (24:45)

"I already AM the Light of the Universe."  (25:15)

"The deception for December 21, 2012 are the modern-day priesthoods who have recruited... millions/ billions...  who will be asking them to pray...  to bring in their deities' light... "  (25:15)

"When we have this opportunity to reconnect with the light...  we reconnect with US...  with me... for me to better reconnect with me."  (26:40)

"Go into a place of just 'being'... "  (27:25)

"You fall back into alignment; You fall back into synchronicity..."  (28:25)

"I am a Universal embryo in the planetary womb of the Divine Mother."  (29:00)

"We are remembering who this incredible planet is... who this woman who chose to manifest herself as this planet, and facilitate this incredible experience that we're having... "  (29:35)   

"Universal being of Universal consciousness...  Hu-man."  (30:30)

"... injecting this synthetic and false-light energy in to the grid of this planet. Not good for Mother Earth. Not good for humanity."   (32:00)

"There's a remedy...  (33:00)  The remedy is us.  All we need to do is bring our [own] inner light out."  (33:45)

"Why don't you shine your own light. Why don't you be you?"   (35:15)

This raises a question:

"Is my light worthy?"  (35:50)   ... substantiating our own sovereignty

"I'm not perfect, but i'm perfect the way I am... "  (36:40)

"We are eternal and we are infinite."  (39:00)

"Don't be afraid to be you."  (39:30)

"December 21, 2012 is a choice... "  (40:50)

"Mother Earth birthing her humanity into 'homo luminous'...  It's not going to be stopped." (41:30)

"Be you."  (42:55)

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