Tuesday, 4 February 2020

United States Corporation violates The Constitution... All just an ACT. Never forget: We The People!

February 3, 2020

Following is a small selection of articles published on this blog that are related to this video. For more about the United States Corporation please see the following article published on this blog in 2012:


For more about the prevalence of obelisks found throughout cities in Switzerland and why they are there, (as seen in Washington DC pictured in The Patriot Hour video above), please refer to Swiss Pharaohs on this blog. Find video evidence in Chatzefratz's video entitled: The Pharaoh Show. Obelisks represent Osiris's lost penis after Set cut him into 13 pieces (13 bloodline families ??). Osiris is the husband of Egyptian fertility and death cult goddess, Isis.  #ISIS - part of the death cult operating in the Middle East. Note: The Vatican and Catholic church is a branch of the death cult operating in Europe, the Americas, and in pockets in other parts of the world. You will find many other articles of great interest in Swiss Pharaohs in the menu on this blog:

Swiss Pharaohs

Black Magic - Humanity's PERCEPTION is covered over by a "net" or VEIL !!

SES - "What is the keystone?" Q posts. 28:43 - Good bread.

Prince William sports Egyptian pharaonic ostrich feathers #SwissPharaohs. Why?
ROYAL WEDDING SPECIAL - Rule By Bloodline? Time To Grow Up - David Icke

Please see these articles for more about the rituals of the bloodline families of Egypt who infiltrated the Canaanite Hebrews in c.1300 BCE.

#Bloodline Priests of Karnak loot Pharaoh tombs, infiltrate Hebrews c.1300 BCE

Circumcision and the Cult of Isis - SS, SES, SIS. Workers not warriors.

PROOF: The butchers of the babies (Satanic ritual) are Swiss Pharaohs

Child Baby Sacrifice, Sex SLAVERY, drinking the blood, eating the flesh
Why KILL BABIES? What DRIVES them? Hampstead Coverup

For crimes of the Vatican, please go here:

Here's WHY Catholic Priests get AWAY with SEX CRIMES !!

Pope's Arrest Warrant Served - June 21, 2018

To see how the 1922 Codenhove-Kalergi Plan was implemented by the Swiss Pharaohs in Europe in the latter decades of the 20th century, up until now #Brexit please see:

The Swiss Pharaohs are infiltrators. This is one of their main strategies: They become the enemy within, in exactly the same way that the European (fair skinned, not Semite) Khazarians who for convenience became Jewish in the 8th century AD, infiltrated the Semitic (Arabic) Hebrew tribes! These white Khazarians (Jewish in name only) moved into positions as bankers, monarchs, politicians...  They hide inside secret societies where they flock together with others of their own kind. Note: Queen Elizabeth II's cousin Prince Edward the Duke of Kent is the Grand Master of Freemasonry internationally! It's shocking to see how he so closely resembles the Queen's husband Prince Phillip! They keep it all in the family! Interbreeding never increased anyone's intelligence! #PedoPrinceAndrew

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