Sunday, 9 February 2020

WHAT IS "Q"? In Pursuit of Truth #IPOT - Q Linked Video Thank Q Very Much

February 8, 2020

Just a question for anyone who might like to answer... Could the reference to "biblical" have something to do with Coronavirus? We need to remember that the Q team have the Looking Glass technology... They see both the good and the bad in our future possible timelines. What would be more "biblical" than a "plague"? #Moses

Please see Dr Steve Turley channel video: Coronavirus will be China's Chernobyl. In that video Dr Steve points out that the inability of the Russian communist regime #USSR to respond to Chernobyl was the beginning of the downfall of the regime. Note: Russia is now a Federation, and not living under communist tenets. Turley postulates that Coronavirus will have the same outcome for China #Freedom . If Turley is right, the history books (that we write, not the "victors"), will say that Q's catch-phrases of: this is global and #WWG1WGA Where we go one we go all was no understatement: When Q refers to all people, they really mean all people across the whole world.

What are other people's thoughts on all of this? Thanks! - blogger BronnyNZ, Sweden

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