Monday, 17 February 2020

Ardent Christian takes down Jew World Order #Coronavirus #SilentWar - Q. Very important video. Please share with your networks. AWK News 2.14.20: Slam-dunk charges coming? Hillary collusion with MSM Jew-owned heads 2015. PROOF !!

February 15, 2020
This is such an important video... very much so. Please send it out like a shot heard around the world! This is my message to LT posted as a Comment on his video, fyi:

Length is no problem LT. I was gripped absolutely by the 2nd half of this presentation. You're amazing. The deep dig you did on Evergreen and the Red Babies based on the WH comms photo and poem was stunning! Everything you said here, including reference to Coronavirus CoVid19 "Silent war continues" reflects absolutely with my own thoughts of the last week. "It's going to be Biblical". #Molech #Plagues #Purging #SodomGomorrah #BabySacrifice cult. Please see my accumulation of videos over the last few weeks on these topics.. You might find information in there that add to the dot-joining you're currently doing. Much love - from a New Zealand expatriate who now lives in Sweden, BronnyNZ

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