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Prince William sports Egyptian pharaonic ostrich feathers #SwissPharaohs. Why?

Video source

"Symbols will be their downfall" - Q. 

Source: Pharaoh headress - triple ostrich feather.

Image source: Wikipedia.  

Does Maat's "feather of truth" expose the truth about who the overlords of this world of "maater" really are? See links: #HolographicUniverse  #ThePriesthood  #Magi  Refer to "Swiss Pharaohs" in the menu on this blog to have your worst suspicions confirmed. 

Image source - The Papal benediction. This relates to the following image of hand signs given by the priesthood of the Medes. Medea was north east of modern day Iraq. Note: "media" is almost a homophone with "Medea". Nothing to see here.

Video source for this and the following screenshots is: "Ancient Origin of Medes - Mages - The Medi Wizards". "The Magi" - Babylonian. This is an ancient religion, still being practiced today all over the world out of its headquarters in the Vatican City.

Is it any wonder that the main tool of trickery, hallucination, illusion, of these Babylonian magicians who treat the whole world as its slaves #DebtSlaves #MercenaryArmySlaves is the media - that of Medes !! ?? = trickery, illusion, hallucination.

 "The Magi"

 "The Magi"

Mithras cult

"Mithraism" was the most prevalent religion in Rome 500 BCE - 350 CE. Its origins are Persian and Babylonian. There are many, many correspondences between Roman Mithraism and Roman Catholicism... which in turn gives us the whole "Christian" theology. Ironically, the hugely popular Roman Mithraic religion dissolved in around 300 CE after which the Jesus mythos became the predominant hero-sacrifice-savior religion that replaced (absorbed) Mithraism, right across the Mediterranean world.

The Iesus Christus myth is a composite based on Mithras, the Isis-Horos-Set mythology from Egypt #IHS, the life of the Pythagorean teacher and healer Apollonius of Tyana, and i'm sure includes many other hero-figures and local folk stories of that time. See "Astrotheology" lectures by Santos Bonacci on YouTube.

... And with the Mithras cult comes baby sacrifice. Why do you think the Roman Catholic (Mithraic) church has to put the Baby Jesus to death every Ishtar (pronounced "Easter") with the goddess's symbols of eggs and rabbits taking centre stage?

There are no coincidences. The cult is ancient!

These people are sick.

Source. Coat of Arms: Jesus, Mary, Joseph = Isis, Horus and Set = IHS  #MysteryReligion

Image source - an Egyptian sun glyph featured in a chapel in the Vatican City, Rome. 

This design appears over the door of the main police station in Bern (or Basel), in Switzerland. See "chatzefratz" on YouTube - "The Pharaoh Show" and then "Octogon Empire of Darkness".

Swiss resident Sean Hross aka "chatzefratz" points out that there are 33 link chains around this iconographic "all seeing eye" sun glyph, on the Swiss police station  #Octogon  Sean points out that the international mechanism of maintaining this entire system right across the world is done through the Swiss international Reserve Bank system headquartered in Basel Switzerland #BIS and through international Freemasonry - which comes out of the Knights Templar who are from the direct Pharaonic #Bloodlines #Bluebloods of ancient Egypt. See Sean for this information, and much, much more.

"There are no coincidences. 
Everything has meaning." - Q Anon

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