Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Pope's Arrest Warrant Served - June 21, 2018

June 26, 2018

Just watch the first part of this video up to 12:50 for information about the arrest of Pope Francis for crimes against children!

Do you want to know why the Swiss police were so violent against the officials who served the arrest papers on Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis)? 

Because Switzerland is absolutely the heart of darkness... Switzerland is the seat of power for all of the pain we see on the Earth - against the people, the environment, the air, water and Earth's resources (such as minerals, fish and forests), and the pain of economics and the fake fiat international Reserve Bank monetary system that controls all people and makes us debt slaves. We are all slaves of the pharaohs who live in Switzerland. Listen to the following video in great detail. Excellent commentary and visuals by "chatzefratz" on YouTube.

Video: Octogon the Empire of Darkness

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And most importantly:  Go to "Swiss Pharaohs" in the menu on this blog that shows you how Vatican Inc., Washington DC, "The Crown", the 1 square mile City of London, the Freemasons, the Ninth Circle elites' Satanic cult and the Bank for International Settlements in Basil Switzerland all tie together. See:

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Child slavery was abolished in Switzerland in 1989. That's not a typo. Child slavery (actual slavery - child forced labor, child and infant sex abuse by their owners, torture, child blood sacrifice aka murder), continues to this day in Switzerland in practice.

See video: Children Slaves, Verdingkinder, Swiss Serial Killers, Gipsies, Eugenics and Pedophiles

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