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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry pawns in the hands of the #SwissPharaohs: Freemason-Illuminati Kalergi Plan (1922) forges ahead on the eve of Brexit !!

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Let's cut straight to the point:

Meghan Markle is not a British citizen, she is not part of the Church of England, she has been married before (not exactly the virgin bride that one would expect for a royal spouse), she is divorced, she is an actress (traditionally viewed as an unrespectable career for women), is of mixed Afro-English descent (never seen before in the English royal line. Note: This is not a defamatory comment on Meghan personally. I simply make a political comment), and her family background appears to be highly unstable.

If there was ever anyone who had too few credentials to fulfil the role of consort to a Prince of England, it would have to be Meghan Markle. The last time such a marriage was agreed to by the "powers that be" happened in 1936 (not so long ago) when King Edward VIII decided to marry American socialite and twice before divorced Wallis Simpson. Edward was required to abdicate. He was required to relinquish all rights to the British throne. Did Harry have to do the same? If not, why not?

So what else is really going on here, in the political sense? Obviously, there is love between Harry and Meghan - But "love" has never been highly rated compared to a royal wife's ability to produce "legitimate heirs", eg: the Diana, Charles and Camilla triangle (and he's becoming King anyway. What a tragedy!) There are simply far too many anomalous pieces in this puzzle to not question a little deeper...

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ROYAL WEDDING SPECIAL - Rule By Bloodline? Time To Grow Up - David Icke

(excerpt) - Meghan Markel is a direct descendant of King Edward III, is a distant relation to Prince Harry, the Queen, Princess Diana, the Bush family (US president), Gerald Ford (US president), Richard Nixon (US president)  - according to genology's Gary Boyd Roberts of the New England Historic Society - a "commoner".

Checker-board Freemasons floor tile - Did they really think we wouldn't notice?
Who really is running this show?

"Symbols will be their downfall" - Q Anon

The Freemason-Illuminati 1922 Kalergi Plan forges ahead: Multicultural invasion of the UK endorsed by the Royal Family. 

If you don't know what the Kalergi Plan is yet, please read the following article:

Kalergi Plan (1922). European immigration: Time to rethink "racism".

The Royal Wedding: An overt showcasing of multiculturalism? "Diversity" on display?

A black American Episcopalian minister gives the sermon. This branch of Protestantism (non-Catholic) is basically the same as the Church of England. I am puzzled therefore why he crosses himself like a Roman Catholic @1:18:32

"The Kingdom Choir" from the South-East of England performs American Ben E. King's song "Stand by me" in a constrained appropriate version of the song. Which choir would have been chosen if Meghan Markle's mother was not a black American? Was the choosing of this choir a nod to Ms. Markle, or is it meant as a message to all of the UK and Europe about multiculturalism in general?

An English cellist plays wonderfully while the young couple are signing the church register. Would have this obviously African-originated musician have been chosen to play if Harry were marrying a pale-skin colored "English rose"?  If not, why not?  Again, my question is political, not personal.

Re: The Roman Catholic hand #SwissPharaohs all over this wedding ceremony - The third piece this cellist plays is "Ave Maria" aka "Greeting Isis" =  "Greetings Meghan" as the embodiment of the Isis figure. "Symbols will be their downfall" - Q Anon.  Also see chatzefratz's "The Pharaoh Show" for evidences of the Egyptian Pharaohs living in Switzerland, ever since 1291 CE to this day!

"Why," I beg you, is a Roman Catholic (Egyptian Isis goddess) tribute being played in a so-called "Protestant" (non-Catholic) Church of England monarchical chapel in London, England? This "Welcome Isis" tune is played by the cellist just as Prince Henry IX and Meghan Markle reappear. Has the Swiss-German Pharaoh of 1350 BCE Amen- Amen- Amenhotep IVth's lineage finally got his Cleopatra? - a tawny skinned beauty of Africa?  Note: Julius Caesar's Cleopatra was a Greek Ptolemy, but the region she ruled over was North Africa - therein lay the parallels. Meghan Markle is the pride of all African, and by the sound of it (see #4 below), Arabic peoples as well who have immigrated to the UK in the last 50 years. Mon Dieu !!  How is all of this going to end up?  😕

See "Swiss Pharaohs" in the menu on this blog for much more.

#4 - Ululating as Harry Battenberg (his family's actual surname - German) and Meghan Markle come out of the church... Ululating !!  

And now there is ULULATING !!!! What the hell? Are we suddenly in the North African desert with a tribe of Bedouin? Never before in 6 decades of life have I ever seen such a thing pertaining to the British Royal Family !! What's really going on here? Has HM Queen Elizabeth II actually formally sanctioned the take-over of the UK by the tribes of Africa and Arabia? Why isn't the German Queen sitting on the English throne honoring the Celtic, Anglo-Saxon,Viking, Frankish and Flemish tribes of Britain, as the rightful heirs of those lands? Why is QEII so behind this take-over of the "British Isles"? Wtf is going on !!!!! ?????

Note: "Battenberg" is Harry's family's actual surname through his 1/2 German GGG Grandmother Victoria who spoke in gutteral Germanic English, and is well-documented by domestic staff that she ate like a pig - not the pretty likeable woman you see in the series "Victoria". She was of the House of German Saxe-Coburg along with her homosexual 1st cousin AND husband Albert. Up close and personal, the aristocratic families of England are quite barking mad !!  - told me through a personal friend who was a nurse in London for 15 years. Both Victoria and cousin Albert were German Saxe-Coburgs - Undoubtedly #SwissPharaohs who came up out of Egypt with the Pharaoh bloodlines (offspring of 2nd wives, etc. for 3000 years), and the Priests of Karnak who i'm pretty sure took up residence in The Vatican City, ever since 1350 BCE.

Prince Harry and Meghan Exit Church To Sound of Gospel Choir

Antique Meme Dealer
Published on May 19, 2018

All of this is so fishy that it 
just stinks to high heaven !!!!

I only ask these questions because I know what the Kalergi Plan is. 

Currently the Kalergi Plan is tearing Europe and the UK apart. Women and children are being raped in wholesale onslaughts by African and Arabic 21st century invaders, aka "asylum seekers". European citizens have their cars burnt by Muslims who consider European "infidels" dirty and filthy like pigs, they suffer bombings to private and public property, there are no-go zones that police will not go into, the people live under constant fear of "terror attacks", Jewish families quietly living in Europe are attacked by these Muslims. All of this is being done to the people who pay taxes for welfare benefits given to these "asylum seekers". In these countries, laws are even being changed to accommodate under-age child brides (10 & 12 years olds) and female "Pharaonic" genital mutilation (removal of a young girl's clitoris and labia). Clearly, there is no need for a Muslim woman to enjoy sex. She's just a breeding machine. All of this truly is happening... In Europe! - particularly since these invaders were allowed to enter Europe on such a large scale in 2015. The Kalergi plan is destroying Europe and the UK. 

See this related article which has on it many, many links:

SWEDISH policeman comes clean! Muslim crime is draining ALL resources!

Globalists Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker of the European Union (EU), gave a carte blanche welcome to any and all people from Africa and the Middle East into Europe who could make it there. Millions of economic opportunists have arrived in Europe since mid-2015. The Dublin Regulation (1990) for "asylum seeker" arrivals into Europe is ignored by the EU Parliament. Instead of remaining in the country where they have landed (as per the Dublin Regulation), this mass army of migrating people have proceeded to countries where the best social welfare provisions exist. This means, they head straight for Sweden, Germany and England. Under the Schengen Agreement (1985), all borders are open inside Europe. This makes the policing of nomadic masses of "asylum seekers" within Europe under the Dublin Regulation, absolutely impossible. England has been somewhat saved through having a natural water border. The rest of Europe is not so lucky. Even the water barrier between Denmark and Sweden does not prevent illegal "border crossing" because of the easy-access sea-bridge by road and rail.

Video: 16 BOMBS in 1 month | SWEDEN

PeterSweden - Published on Nov 9, 2017
"This is crazy."

These "asylum seekers" are 70% males aged 16-50 years of age. They bring no wives and no children. This is indeed highly suspicious. There are (or were) plenty of videos (now probably removed by YouTube) that interview African and Arabic men. They're looking for "white pussy" and free money. No, i'm not making that shit up. They are economic opportunists who have come to rape and plunder whatever they can get from the white "infidels" of Europe who seemingly "have so much". Many of them have an IQ of 80-95 (100 is average) and many can't even write in their own language. They have no education and many are the result of cousin-cousin marriages - common in Muslim countries. Such offspring according to psychological studies, are commonly low in empathy and love watching fires burn. No wonder they are able to wreak such havoc - no empathy. Please search these terms and you will find the research.

This is an extremely bad mix for European countries and the UK which are developed, educated, high tech places. The people we see taking part in Harry and Meghan's wedding are clearly not of this type of people...

But I do believe they have been included in this British wedding service to legitimize African and Arabic immigration in the 21st century, now that the UK is on the edge of Brexit. 

The message is inserted in a subtle and "unargumentable" way by the "powers that be" - that people of African and Arabic ancestry belong in England. And I say "Yes" to that - with qualifications...  So many African people arrived in the UK from the Carribean and various other African countries all through the late-20th century. Cheap labour for England. The children of these people have one "motherland" and that is England. 

For later arrivals from Africa and Arab countries in the 21st century (particularly people who are literal Quran-observing Muslims - "kill the infidel"), these are the people I have problems with. They are the opportunists who are sucking the "welfare countries" dry, and whose intent is to kill - yes, actually kill, the white races of Europe and the UK. These people should not be allowed to stay. They are trouble. Just look at Belgium right now... what a hell-hole.

Harry and Meghan's wedding was considered "private", however, when an estimated 2 billion people watched the wedding live, how "private" really is that?

I conjecture that this was a very intentionally-made public wedding with some very public messages:

1)  People of color belong in the UK and should be allowed to stay
2)  We are all equal. Clearly we are not all equal when young African and Arabic men believe they can live on free money given out by the welfare state, while simultaneously raping those tax payer's children
3)  We are one big happy family. Theoretically, this is true. In practice, individuals make this impossible. Psychopathic non-empathetic offenders cause a lot of harm and pain
4)  We all have talents and something to contribute. Of course this is true... Sadly, people have to migrate to places like Sweden, Germany and England to find their hidden talents. 

Why can't Arabic and African countries bring the best out in their people as countries in Europe do? What are the barriers to those countries allowing their own people to shine? Obviously, many corporations owned by white people are a lot of the problem in these countries, eg: Bush Oil in Iraq, de Beers in South Africa... But what about tribal conflict, corruption, child trafficking, money laundering and so on - eg: South Africa's Zuma embezzlements, Saudi Arabia's Princes facilitating child sex trafficking, and so on.

The leaders in these countries need to learn self responsibility - for their people. All that is happening now is: African and Arabic men are being used by a group of people for an agenda that is much, much bigger than most of us can imagine. The agenda is for global, international control. 

And what happens to all of those African and Arabic men who are being used as pawns in the game? They will all end up dead or imprisoned. So how about these countries start behaving responsibly and look after your own people as you should be! You're allowing your own children - young men and young women (through being abandoned by young men and becoming prey to rebel forces), to be used as muppets by this New World Order agenda. This agenda has names like: "The Trilateral Commission", "The Council of Foreign Relations" and "The Bilderberg Group", just to name a few.

Please see articles on this blog under "Swiss Pharaohs" in the menu. These articles will give you a much broader view of game-plays that are going on in the world. Enjoy -

And for a final twist of the knife... Ideas yet to be explored further: 

Does Queen Elizabeth actually (still) own the USA? Is this part of the reason why she, without hesitation, takes to embrace an American divorcée as her grand daughter-in-law? 

Is the "Crown Corporation" City of London one square mile take-over of the USA near complete? Note: The British monarchy is a part of "The Crown" - not the sum total of it. 

Please see the following articles:

SES Senior Executive Service - Field McConnell of Abel Danger. April 8, 2018

Published on May 19, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchange vows in front of 600 guests at St. George's Chapel in Windsor. The Archbishop of Canterbury officiates.

_ _ _ _ _ 

"They're doing a relaunch of the brand" - David Icke video @15:45

Meghan Markle is divorced, an actress, she is not English, and clearly has an unstable family background. She is now a princess. How? Why?

There's much more to this story than meets the eye...

IMHO =  The Kalergi Plan

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