Wednesday, 12 February 2020

7-9 hours SLEEP every night can DEFEAT CORONAVIRUS! Strengthen your immunity: Dr Seheult @ MedCram

February 13, 2020

Please share coronavirus articles and videos I present on this blog. Since I posted the first article on this topic on February 4, views have dropped from 1500 organic views to 150 per day !!!  ie: heavy 90% shadow banning. Clearly, there is an agenda! Please see the article immediately prior to this one featuring Edge of Wonder ... You will see what the agenda is there. Thanks. Please share!

Coronavirus Outbreak: Why is China Scared of the Truth? [Part 1] - Edge of Wonder

The WHO doesn't recognise Taiwan as separate from China! - “Map Warfare”

"The demise and complete collapse of the Communist regime." - with DR CHARLES LEE | Coronavirus: Man made bio-weapon

NEW: Coronavirus worse than thought. WHO endangered everyone !!! Feb 9, 2020

China’s “Extremely Vile” Response to Novel Coronavirus. Listen. Like. Share. Subscribe. Support.

Harvard University links to Chinese $M funding, Wuhan biotech, patents - 2.8.20

Coronavirus Update 8: Travel Ban, Spread, Quarantine, % Deaths/Infection, MRSA - my first article about Coronavirus. Published February 2, 2020. Within 36 hours, this blog was shadow-banned!

Please share this article with your networks. Together we find the solutions #WWG1WGA

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