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Circumcision and the Cult of Isis - SS, SES, SIS. Workers not warriors.

Video: Circumcision of Pharaoh's slaves, Return of the MSSH - the Lizard King, Bilderberg, Octogon, Race superiority, immigrant torture
Chatzefratz - Published on Aug 20, 2013.
This is a compilation of earlier videos made by historian Sean Hross. In the 21st century, we remain slaves (literally) serving the Pharaoh bloodline of Egypt. The pharaonic bloodline went into Canaan c1350 CE and began to intermarry. That's why many of the SwissPharaohs appear as "Jews". They are not. They are the Pharaohs of Egypt. They rule from Switzerland since 1291 CE. Used with permission. Original here >

The circumcision is the first step in brain-damaging our boys since it creates a psychotic split in the child - often soon after birth into this world. What a terrible beginning. The pain is intense, pervasive, rankling every fibre of the small body. Trust is immediately lost. Any feelings of kinship, feelings of warmth and safety with his family are eliminated. The child/man is now broken. His parents have permitted the breaking of the child.

The boy-adolescent-man is now in a state of continual sexual preparedness with the foreskin pulled back. This clouds his judgement, increases his sexual appetite due to continual stimulus, and creates a lesser Man who is unable to be led by his own mind and good reason. He is led continually by his nether regions.

The circumcision produces a highly unnatural state for the glans of the penis since it is continually exposed. In its natural state, the glans is protected by the foreskin. In the perfection of our human bodies, everything is perfect. Every part of our natural body is perfect in form and function. It is a violation against Creator to remove any part of it.

No wonder rape culture is so strong in so many Arab countries where circumcision is vigorously practiced. Look at the insane increase of rape incidence in European countries that have been burdened by millions of Arab and African economic opportunists play-acting as refugees of war - all circumcised. In the USA where the practice is very common, circumcision undoubtedly is to blame for the over-sexualized culture perpetrated in all media and subsequent rape culture that exists.

Circumcision is humanity's downfall. It comes from Egypt. You have indeed willingly "marked" yourself and "set yourself aside" - of your own volition. How strange! You are marked as the slaves of Pharaoh - the bloodline families of the world for whom you work day in and day out all of your lives, paying taxes, fines, registrations, fees, and exhorbitant interest rates on your loans, all the days of your life. Know who you serve #BIS #BankForInternationalSettlements - Basil, Switzerland. "The one bank that rules them all".

All of Pharaoh's slaves and workers were circumcised. This is where the Judaic-Islamic-Christian tradition comes from - Egyptian Isis "SS" worship. The circumcision makes our men workers, not warriors. No wonder women tire of their childish behaviors since they are always locked into the brain of a 10-year old boy, led around by his penis. The circumcision act causes a deep-seated fear in the man. This deep seated fear is caused by deep, long-forgotten memories of this dreadful, exruciatingly painful act being performed upon them and against their will. The circumcision makes a worker who is highly manipulatable. The man can never become a true warrior - his birthright - who is acting out of a right mind.

Once circumcised, all the slave masters need to do is throw the worker a few pieces of silver and a papyrus scroll with a roughly-drawn naked Cleopatra on it. The workers come begging for more. They are no longer in their sound minds. They are incapable of thinking beyond their penis.

This is where the Isis "SS" (clearly a snake) magic-trick begins for the emasculation of the men in your family. It begins with your 6-day old infant boy who you as parent allows to be circumcised.

Why do you think the Torah so strongly advocates for circumcision? It's not about "cleanliness". Any man can pull back his foreskin and clean the head of his penis properly. It is not difficult to do. The circumcision is about giving control of the men in your family to the overlords - to their bosses who they will not stand up against for bad treatment, to the corrupt court judge who pronounces guilt even when no evidence of wrong-doing can be found... The circumcision makes our men obedient and weak because of the underlying torture they suffered as a defenseless infant.

In their natural state, men have the physical, mental and moral strength to protect you and your family. When you allow your son to be circumcised, you destroy the natural masculine, aggressive force that protects you and your family from the onslaughts that come from beyond your door.

Through circumcision, you are entraining your son's mind to follow one thing only - Their carnal nature and base lusts. Rational thought and ability to problem solve has been stolen from him. Then you (as woman) have the audacity to complain at your son being so easily allured by MTV and to their PCs - all full of sexually-feeding stimuli. Of course. You have permitted for his mind to be entrained this way. Your child's penis is continually in a state of sexual readiness - forcibly, by the removal of the foreskin. Sexual lust craves a drug that never satisfies. You make your son a slave to unnatural feelings and thoughts, and then you complain at his weakness.

Herein lays the root of the cult of Isis - the complaining woman who thinks she wants an obedient nodding "garden gnome" for a husband - "Yes dear, No dear" -  and yet tires of his 10-year-old sexual tendencies and acting out. The Isis eventually removes the child-man and decides to raise her children herself. This is all part of the cult of Isis. The Pharaohs find this family arrangement desirable. It leaves her children vulnerable in the world, and without a man to protect her and their offspring. It all goes to court, of course, and the Pharaohs rake in the gold, right from the outset.

Submit no longer. Say NO to the Isis cult. No more surrender the penis of your sons up as a sacrifice to SS.  No longer bring slave-workers into the world. Be brave, and raise warriors. No longer surrender your boys to the priests of Amen Ra. They will forever be under subjugation. It is the death sentence of a thousand cuts - slow and inevitable, ever-weakening demise ... an old, regretful, unhappy man who was ever-allured (through no fundamental fault of his own) to his own shameful lusts and self-satiation. What a waste.

Image - See how happy the woman in the background is who delights in her family member being made a slave worker. He is losing his mind in a universe of terror - the tearing, shredding of tremendous indescribable pain throughout his little body as he is tortured beyond wildest description. His highly sensitive foreskin being cut and his newly exposed glans penis shoots shock-waves beyond description throughout his entire small body and brain. His central nervous system is being completely derailed.

He will no longer have the ability to become a clear-thinking Man. He is being deprived of that ability by these "good religious men". He is lost forever, until such time as he is able to self-scrutinize and recognize the source of his underlying malaise. Few men choose to make this journey...

As he grows, he will need to reconcile himself to becoming a good "worker" drone in the Isis "SS" hive. His life will be notable for his compliance, his good grades, his rising through the ranks in a corporate job, his fancy car and big house, and his many infidelities.

Note: The bee is one of Isis's animal symbols. The fate of this boy is sealed. He has been given to the SS cult - controlled, controllable, conflicted, confused. It's all a big con.

No more. No more. Say "NO".

Allow your sons to become the noble warriors that is their birthright. Don't steal this potentiality from them. Allow them to become Men! - not drones and workers-bees all attending to the Isis "SS" SES agenda of the NWO hidden hand.

Thoughts to ponder.... and to act upon.  Workers or Warriors?  - What is to be the destiny of your son? It's your choice. Remember: Once it's done, you can't undo it. Think carefully.

- BronnyNZ

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