Monday, 19 March 2018

Facebook ACCOUNT BLOCKED - AGAIN !!! Permanently removed from Facebook.

The timing of my entire removal from Facebook co-incides with a group I created called "Nikolas Cruz is Innocent", which he is - there's stacks of evidence to prove Nikolas's innocence. Additionally, this blog became shadow-banned after I started publishing SES information on this blog. Please search SES and Senior Executive Service on this blog for many more articles on this topic... and please remember to share those articles and videos with your circles and networks. Together and only together, the people co-create the changes in our world we want to see.

            Video: The Untouchables

Sign the petition: "Remove the unconstitutional 9000 Senior Executive Services (SES) members."

A QUICK MESSAGE - March 19, 5pm EST

Facebook has just BLOCKED my second account. They DELETED my primary account 3 weeks ago. I won't be creating any more Facebook accounts.  I'm whipping a dead horse. Today I made 3-4 Friend Requests and then up popped a message saying "Strange activity" has been identified on your account.

The "Ministry of Truth" speaks again... Nothing to do with "securing my account" and everything to do with securing YOUR version of "reality". If MY version of "reality" wasn't the TRUTH, you wouldn't bother with me at all. You incriminate yourself by your actions...  All of this started at the end of February with my Facebook group (deleted) called "Nikolas Cruz is INNOCENT".

Here's the sacrifice humanity makes itself at the feet of the Swiss Pharaohs:  

#HumanHarvesting  #HumanSacrifice  "Make a sacrifice for your country." Think about it...  #BloodSacrifice  #TheCovenAnt   #WorkerAnt  #COven  #Molech  #MolechOven  #WorkerDrones  #IsisBee  #IsisQueenBee  #QueenOfHeaven  #IshtarRabbitBreeders  #BabySacrifice  #NinthCircleSatanicElite  #DeathCult  #SwissPharaohs who rule humanity from their mountain strongholds in Switzerland to this day !!  #BankForInternationalSettlements - the MOTHER of all banks. Where do your bank deposits go every night?  #BIS  #SwissSecretBanks  #TaxHaven  #ChildSlavery was finally repealed in Switzerland in 1989 !!!!  Switzerland: Home of de Rothschild. Home of Cern Satanic demonic cult facility. Home of all human slavery, deception, lies, HQ for police and military internationally #Octogon system, controlling humanity through #FreeMasons internationally  #SecretSocieties  #SkullAndBones  #CouncilOnForeignRelations - Satanic organization  #Bilderberg group - means "mountain of paintings" as seized by Hitler and delivered to his bosses in the Swiss mountains - See article > #TriLateralCommission  #UN - Satanic child trafficking organization  #NATO - Satanic war machine hiding behind a smiling face  #Syria  #Iraq  

#911 - The Swissies did it  #JWOBankers 

#9:11  Take note of the time on this clock !!

Notice the Egyptian Pharaonic scarab beetles dancing in front of the demon-possessed man with the Baphomet goat's head over him...  #SwissPharaohs  - All roads lead to Switzerland  #KnightsTemplar established Switzerland in 1291. "Switzerland" means "the sisters of Isis" the Egyptian goddess... More "tells". The Swiss Pharaohs #PharaohBloodline are in cahoots with the #Jesuits  #CatholicChurch  #Pope #SwissGuard - Why ???  - and with the #KhazarianMafia  #Khazarians  which is another stronghold of this bloodline since around 9000 BCE !!

The bloodline of the Pharaohs has been with us for a very long, long time.

Video: Illuminati opening ceremony of Gotthard Base Tunnel

Published on Jun 1, 2016

It's everywhere. It's tentacles are in everything. "The Beast" system needs to be brought down. 

Only "We The People" have the power to do it.  How ??  >>

Get AWAKE. Get AWARE.  Wake up everyone around you, in your off-line and on-line networks. KNOWLEDGE is EVERYTHING !!!  

Please SHARE !!!

Oh... You better believe there's a death cult. It manifests in all sorts of forms... 

Death camps - hard labor camps.

PMCs child trafficking  - Private Military Companies (death cult) traffick young children (death sentence) > #SwissPharaohs  "French" #ForeignLegion #Swissies actually who have been terrorizing the rest of Europe for centuries. "I am Legion" - Yup! You bet you are, you murderer !!!  #HiddenInPlainSight 

It's a death cult. Its fundamental premise is: "Anti-life". It wants to prove who is "God". It (Legion) believes it is God. Legion needs to learn that the only thing it brings to the table is anathema to humans. It is disgusting! Real heart-loving humans want nothing to do with your death cult fantasies. You are totally disgusting !!!

Facebook summarily removed me AGAIN !! *sigh* Same old same old. Can I be bothered with them? I don't think so. Bye bye Facebook! The battle against censorship continues...

Where we go one, we go all !!!  - Q

Where one is knocked down, 10 more will rise !!  - BronnyNZ

We ARE the 99%  -  Your efforts are much needed !!

Please don't think you can sit back and watch 
content creators do all the work... 

The co-creation of our new earth is up to us all. 
Efforts needed. Thank you.

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