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Child Baby Sacrifice, Sex SLAVERY, drinking the blood, eating the flesh

Source: Goyim Gazette  There are many more images on this source. (more below)

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The blood-letting sacrificial ritual acts being carried out in Hampstead in Camden, London, is all part of the cult of Moloch. It also relates to the Bohemian Grove cult that American politicians attend just north of San Francisco for three weeks each year.

Children and babies were sacrificed to Moloch some four thousand years ago, in parts of the Middle East now known as "The State of Israel". The focus of the worship was to let blood, apparently to encourage Spring's early arrival - at around Easter time.

Easter = Ishtar (or "Isis" in Egypt). "Isis" (or ISIS) is all about blood.

It's pretty funny how the US-CIA-funded and operated "ISIS" is running around Iraq and Syria right now, killing people, selling children as sex slaves and shedding the blood of little babies throughout the Middle East. "A blood sacrifice".

(Search this blog: PMC, DynCorp, child trafficking, 2002 Cynthia McKinney),


ISHTAR is the WIFE of MOLECH. How convenient !!  And according to this link, these may have been real historic people, not just inventions of lively imaginations.

Every EASTER in early spring, we KILL the baby Jesus, we eat the flesh of his body and drink his blood...  just like the children from the Hampstead "Christian" school were taught to do with their "father" - except those babies were REAL - not imaginary fictions of people's "faith".

Please refer to the links below if you don't know about the Hampstead children yet...

I have a couple of propositions I want to put to you...

Proposition 1:

  • Does the power of 100 million Christians all taking "Holy Communion" or "the Eucharist" every Sunday keep the energy of these practices alive in the etheric field as a "cosmic meme"?  
  • With such "social acceptability" of drinking the baby's blood and eating its flesh, does this enable the  REAL priests of the Coven-ant to do these same acts in private ceremonies with living little babies - and nobody in the group is appalled by it, because it's become a part of the "Christianised" culture ??
  • Does taking "Holy Communion" correspond to a "gateway drug" which desensitizes the act of drinking blood and eating a baby's flesh. These "greater mysteries" would be much more "acceptable" as an adult if you have been conditioned to accept them as a child in a "nice" place like a church.
  • It's all the same Cult, whether the baby is actual, or visualised as the man Jesus. "Eat the flesh of the baby... Drink the blood."

Update: I saw something on TV last night that helped join some more dots about the Eucharist.  
The scene: Somebody with "powers" was bleeding and the blood ended up on a table. One of the characters, a middle-aged man came along and wiped the blood up with a tissue, then he put the blood-soaked tissue in his mouth and swallowed it. 

It reminded me of the way the Jews wipe up the blood of young goyim children with tissues as they let out the child's blood, during the festival of Purim. And I thought of how the Catholics only take the wafer, and they don't drink the wine - that's reserved for the priests.  So what about if the wafer in the Catholic Church is symbolic of the tissue soaked with the blood of a young child in the Jewish rite? And does the wearing of the skullcap (yamulke or kippah) by Jews AND Catholics also point to common understandings and shared rituals they had, particularly in their early origins?

"Eat the baby's flesh..."

Proposition 2:
  • How broadly was the cult of Molech disseminated in the pre-Christian era, all over the Middle East, Northern Africa and all over Europe and Britain?
  • How many thousands of babies and adults were "human sacrificed" every year to appease the "baby eater" Molech, in whatever guises he took by the year 10 AD?
  • Perhaps there were some good people out there who saw this, and who were very strongly opposed to all these bloody human sacrifices?
  • Perhaps this group of people devised a way to speak to and reach these largely uneducated and certainly illiterate tribes of people, spread from India to Britannia, by bringing them the Gospel of the ONE and FINAL sacrifice for the remission of ALL sins, that had been made by Jesus Christ... and that no other Human Sacrifice was ever needing to be done again.
  • Perhaps this devised story of "Jesus" was "inserted" into history at the perfect time, to get people OFF the blood-letting.  Please note: The story of "Jesus" IS just a story. It's the retelling of the birth of Horus the Sun God (Son of God) and his mother ISIS (Mary). All of these "mother" images below are crowned with the Sun. 
  • Perhaps the "person(a)" of "Jesus" did save us all...  And stopped the killing !!

The following article is very detailed and concise.
It covers a lot of ground in a few thousand words.

Goyim Gazette (GG)  Men in old-style kippa head coverings "kiddie fiddling" while mothers look on. (c.13th century) 


The Jewish Babylonian Talmud is 6000 plus pages of secrets that Gentiles are Forbidden to read.  The poster below says:

Sanhedrein 54b. 
"A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is LESS than nine years old."



"Regan in Sex Camp Rumpus:
Brothel keeper revels - I provided girls for the camp where the Reagan elite love to frolic."

RE; Bohemian Grove
Goyim Gazette

Reagan and Nixon at the Grove
Goyim Gazette
This photo with both Reagan and Nixon is taken at the annual get-together at Bohemian Grove, in the USA.




Molech at the Grove

Why haven’t you ever heard about any of this before?




bush (05-26-2012 18.41.44)

George W. Bush


US Democratic presidential contender Bar

Sanhedrin 55b.  
"A Jew may have sex with a three year old girl (specifically three years "and a day" old) and she will regain her virginity."



Catholic... Jewish... ??  Funny how they all wear the same cap... since maybe, they're all part of the same "club" ??
Both groups are known to fuck little children, so they need a hat to make people think they're very important maybe?



All over the world, there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Children....


This statue bought and paid for by your tax dollars!
This statue bought and paid for by your tax dollars! (Goyim Gazette)

Kethuboth 11b.  
"When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing."





Now... they're not accidentally pulling the "devil's horns" are they?
This is not some kind of crazy coincidence. This is all very well planned.

There are 1,000s of this sort of pics very blatant pics, duh.
There are 1,000s of this sort of pics very blatant pics, duh. (GG)

Silly, goofy, funny, huh?  Satan and evil, that is.  They chose which pics/expressions made it out, get it?
Silly, goofy, funny, huh? - Satan and evil, that is. 
They chose which pics/expressions make it out, get it?

     Blair_yarmulke_340       prince_charles_camilla_light_jewish_hanukka_candle
They're all in it together...  


The Talmud-reading Jews arrive at the White House to tell Barry he's doing a good job for them.  Hmmm....

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