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#Bloodline Priests of Karnak loot Pharaoh tombs, infiltrate Hebrews c.1300 BCE

Source. The powerful fighting monk in his chain mail (weighs a lot!) offers no pity to the little defenseless sheeple that he purposely crushes underfoot. "Images will be their downfall." - Q Anon

#SwissPharaohs  This is the story of how the Pharaoh bloodline came to be rulers of this world from their mountain stronghold in Switzerland, since 1291 CE. It's a very big story. You will only find this part of it on this article. Please see Swiss Pharaohs in the menu for many more articles on this topic.

Source: "Two Templar Knights - the Poor Knights of Christ - shown riding the same horse in Matthew Paris."

Here again we see illustrated, no thought or care for the poor beast who struggles under the weight of two large fighting monks, attired in chain mail and other heavy armory!

Interpretation: These men have come to use up the resources of the world - animals, people, and the environment. They are not here to be guardians for those resources that Mother Nature provides! They are parasites on the surface of Mother Earth  #Motherland  The world needs to be rid of people with such thinking. They are abusers who stop at nothing to enrich themselves.

Image: From "Swiss Pharaohs" in the menu.

As an example of such parasites, Adolph Hitler said the following:
"If a nation today proclaims the theory that it will find happiness in lasting peace, and attempts to live according to that theory, it will one day inevitably succumb to this most basic form of cowardice. Pacifism is the clearest form of cowardice, possessing no willingness to fight for anything at all."

Of course Hitler said that to people who were not even his own #Germanic. Adolph Hitler is a Swiss Pharaoh  "The Swiss are not Europeans" - chatzefratz on YouTube  #PharaonicBloodline  #BloodlineFamilies 

After infiltrating the German Worker's Party, Hitler went to Switzerland in 1923 and got his orders from the Pharaohs in Switzerland. 

Adolph Hitler's visit to Switzerland in 1923

The pillage of Mother Europa and her children: #Bilderberg means "mountain of paintings". What did Herr Hitler do? He obtained for his bosses in Switzerland a "mountain of paintings" (ie: fine art, sculptures, gold teeth, jewelry, watches, tableware, furniture ... ) which finances the Bilderberg Group to this day. 

The veil is very thick... The illusion is very, very deep.

Fine art to this day continues to be a way for these Swiss Pharaohs to launder their dirty money obtained off child sex slavery, arms trafficking, drug trafficking, LIBOR manipulations, etc, etc. See #RonaldBernard testimony - an ex-banker for the elites.

How can a single painting have a "worth" in the millions of dollars? It can't -
- except as a vehicle by which money is laundered.

Note: Rothschild surname used to be Mayer or Maier. Who is the principal governor of a European town? 
A mayor. Think phonology - homophones. Were Rothschild ancestors actually mayors all over Europe? #SwissPharaohs like to rule. I don't know... but it's something i'd very much like to look into.

The enemy is not "Jews", but those who infiltrated the tribes of Canaan - which included the monotheistic Hebrews. That enemy  #PriestsOfKarnak was #PharoahBloodline. They came up and out of Egypt since c.1350 BCE with the looted treasure of the Pharaoh tombs. See #JoannFletcher @50:00

Immortal Egypt With Joann Fletcher S01E03 Zenith H

Published on Apr 26, 2017

Here is more on the Egyptian connection with Nazi iconography...

Please learn the "SS" meaning in ancient Egyptian demotic language: "SS" is Isis (there are no vowels in demotic). Isis is the Egyptian child sacrifice goddess, also named Ashtoreth in Phoenicia, Astarte or Semiramis in Babylon, and Mary in the Christian world. Was not Mary's child sacrificed? I know. It's shocking! The veil is very thick and the illusion is very deep...

Why was Hitler so interested in Egypt?  Adolph Hitler was on the right track when his interests turned to Egyptian artifacts. "All roads lead to Karnak". #ThePriesthood  Here is the history of "the priesthood" as Anastasia tells us in the Ringing Cedars books.

The slaves and soldiers of Pharaoh had shaved heads and were circumcised. Which other soldiers does that remind you of?  - In the modern context "Pharaoh" meaning: #SwissPharaohs Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland #BIS - the one bank that rules them all #DebtSlave  Swiss #BaronDeRothschild #Pindar  #NinthCircleSatanicChildSacrificeCult for the elites, including the Pope  #DukeOfKent (a Windsor) #MasterFreemason

The veil is very thick. The illusion is very deep. 
Please know that "SS" is not Nazi in origin. 
It is Egyptian demotic for "Isis" who ruled the 
death-cult of sending men to endless wars and leaving their 
children defenceless to the state - monarch, army, dictator... 

The sign for such war slaves is a shaved head and a 
circumcised penis. Why do you think America was created? 
Why do you think POTUS45 is getting America out of war?


The aims of the "SS" = Isis death cult worked out perfectly for the German people of course *sarcasm* ... Germany was left with generations of widows, unprotected women and orphans who were raised without a father to guide them. That is the insidiousness of the "SS" Isis death cult: Fatherless sons! - Men who are not taught by a father before them, how to be men!

We see this worked out today in socialist political parties where fathers renege on their responsibilities so easily of raising their children and instead, leave their children's financial support and education to the state, and their material well being solely or primarily, to their mother (mater - "material"). 

Note: "It takes a village to raise a child." Single parents on their own generally do a pretty poor job over all. I should know - I was a single parent for 20 years. The outcome has been far less than optimal, truthfully speaking.

The "SS" cult got what it aimed for:  Men continually going out to fight endless wars "for their country", and women left alone, trying to handle child-bearing and child raising on their own.  ie: Destroyed families form communities that are very easy to control. It's all part of the insidious plan for the ongoing subjugation of humanity. 

For men: Make it your mission in life to not abandon your children - not for war, not because of infidelity (if your wife is being unfaithful, the answer to that problem probably lies with you! - Learn to be very kind, attentive and affectionate), and not for any other reason either. Your children need you to raise them. Be a man and raise your children to see what a man is:  Inwardly strong, tenacious, resilient, a problem-solver (not a "run from problems" type), loving, kind, supportive, slow to anger, ready to listen, prepared to make decisions for the good of all. 

Billions of children all over the world have never seen this man be modeled to them. Be the man who takes on the job to raise his own children. It's the hardest job in the world - and it is the most necessary.

- uttered with sincerity from the fatherless mother of fatherless children, who needed the father as described above. I needed the father as described above. I speak for millions... no, for billions of us: "Travesty". 

Stay at home, men... You want sex?  - Then be prepared to be a father!  It's not rocket science. 

Be a father to the children you create. Show them what a man is: Somebody who has fortitude, and who stays! Men who run from their babies, truly are deplorable!


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