Wednesday, 20 June 2018

PROOF: The butchers of the babies (Satanic ritual) are Swiss Pharaohs

The St George Templar flag. The Knights Templar of the Egyptian Pharaonic bloodline established Switzerland (meaning: "The sisters of Isis" - Egyptian goddess) in the year 1291 CE.

Article - by Gary: The flag of England was adopted in the 16th century. The flag is white with a red cross in the center. The red cross was the emblem for England during the Crusades in the Middle Ages. The flag is known as the Cross of St. George and was originally the flag of the Republic of Genoa. It was adopted by the city of London in 1190 for their ships entering the Mediterranean to benefit from the protection of the powerful Genoese fleet. During the crusade in the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth centuries the English solders adopted it for their uniforms and around 1277 it officially became the national flag of England and Wales.

Video: THEY KILL OUR MONEY, OUR INNOCENCE & OUR CHILDREN - do you see the flag in this painting? 

"Somebody" knows...

Video by SGT Report - June 19, 2018

Through the lens of history the TRUTH has become perfectly clear: The enemies of humanity have usurped our monetary system, our education system, our media and our government. Now they are actively destroying our culture, innocence and - quite literally - our children. They have amassed so much power, they can also trigger the collapse of the US Dollar and our way of life, at will. Author Stefan Verstappen returns to SGT Report to discuss it all.

See "Swiss Pharaohs" in the menu on this blog...

Up to 70% of all native Europeans and people in the UK have Egyptian Pharaonic bloodline in their veins - Haplogroup R1b1a2. This is the DNA blood group of a common ancestor to the boy-king Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Imagine my lack of surprise that so many of the people who are taking an interest in this article in the first 15 minutes after publication are western Europeans. Following is blog stats from this blog - times are New Zealand. That's why i'm 12-16 hours ahead of most readers.

"Germany, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium..." - Western Europeans typically have a much higher likelihood to be directly DNA-related to the Pharaohs who make Switzerland their home... and many know exactly who they are. See Swiss resident and historian "chatzefratz" on YouTube for much, much more about who these Swiss Pharaohs are... and what they are capable of. Start with "The Pharaoh Show", "Octogon" and then "Pharistocracy" by Chatzefratz. Thank you for being willing to wake up!

Update 45 minutes after publishing: Total views on this blog clicked over to 1,111,111 soon after this article was published (10 minutes after). This is a screen-grab of the Pageviews I captured: 1,111,119 which is part of the #911 stable for conclusion and rebirth. It's a very wonderful omen to see since New Zealand is now in the "conclusion" phase of the Sun cycle: We are now in the Winter Solstice (9) and the northern hemisphere is right now in the "rebirth" cycle of the Summer Solstice (1). Auspicious indeed! Strange things are afoot! #MagicNumbers  #UnityResonanceField  #CollectiveConsciousness


12 hours after the above image was posted, please see what greeted me this morning on my blog stats. This (to me) is a very big confirmation that humanity is at the end of a cycle (geo-politically, spiritually, socially, etc) and we are poised to make many new beginnings...

Happy Winter Solstice from here in New Zealand.
Happy Summer Solstice to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere.

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