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EyeTheSpy deleting Followers on Twitter. Why? Is Jesus real?

Listeners please be warned about EyeTheSpy... Following anyone (self included), as if they have all answers is a very, very bad idea. As a newcomer boasting on the stage of, and coat-tailing off the work of QAnon who's been around since November 29, 2017, ETS's position is fragile:

What would happen to ETS's following if other people present their well-studied research that refutes what ETS is saying? Immediately, the following begins to doubt ETS, and we can't have that now, can we? #MK

Dozens if not hundreds of people are being bumped from ETS's Twitter page - it's not just me. Anyone who has done their due diligence studying seriously in any of the areas being replied to, can tell ETS is just another CBTS try-hard. There are things ETS is saying that are 100% incorrect. I'd say up to 75% is right... it's the 25% that is the problem. 

eg: People are asking, "Is Jesus real?" 

Factually, academically, archaeologically - "No". Somebody called Jesus Christ has never been found in archaeology, nor in the Roman census records as EyeTheSpy asserts. That is a BLATENT LIE to appease the Bible belt. JC has NEVER appeared anywhere in archeology, artifacts, written records, nowhere. Ask the scholars...

Note: I have a university degree in Classical Studies with Latin. I've been studying in these areas since 1974. I'm not saying there is not a "Spirit of Jesus" - there most certainly IS !! But he was never a man who walked the earth c.4-37 CE. That is an entire fiction! 

The above blog shows you how the mythos of Jesus came to be. This blog also shows you the very well documented, written about and followed man, in the Roman record, who the Roman Empire suppressed entirely.  It is this man who the Roman elite families modelled their "Jesus" fictional character on. All mention of this well celebrated man in histories and biographies were burned by Rome... All 16 temples of worship in honor of his teaching (not in worship of him) were destroyed by Rome, stone from stone. They do not exist now. And yet the Acropolis still stands... The Colosseum in Rome still stands. So where are the 16 temples built all over the Mediterranean world in the first and second centuries CE (AD), in honor of the Pythagorean philosopher and healer Apollonius of Tyana? Where are they? Why haven't you heard about them/him? What was/is Rome trying to hide? - to this day !! ??

I know... I know why Rome extinguished the teaching of Apollonius... 

How can you carry out a politically expansionist imperial military agenda in c.50 CE (AD) when all of your potential mercenaries (paid soldiers) around the Mediterranean are enamoured by The Message of Love? 
"Love your brother; Do good to those who harm and cheat you; Love your neighbour as yourself." 

Why are the epistles not written to the believers in Jerusalem, in Samaria, in Galilee, in Babylon? Ref: Jewish diaspora c.70 CE when Rome drove the Jews out of Judea. Many went to Babylon (where they wrote the Babylonian Talmud), others to Spain (Sephardic) and Khazaria (Ashkenazi). Why were the epistles written primarily to places in Greece, Macedonia, Thracia and Anatolia? - Galatia (Roman Anatolia), Corinth (Roman Greece), Rome (Letter to the Romans - Jewish converts to Iesus Christus would not have fled there), Ephesus (Roman Anatolia) - WHY the emphasis on Greece and Anatolia? 

- Because that is where this man was born, was educated, developed a reputation in, was followed and had many contacts in, until the age of 28 years, after which he began his "ministry" in southern Roman Judea for 3-5 years !!! 

What's the odds? - That young Anatolian philosoper, orator and healer was in Roman Judea at exactly the same time that the fictitious Iesus Christus supposedly lived in Judea-Palestina. What's the odds? 

What is today's date? Look at your Julian calendar to know whose dispensation we live under.

YOU (right now) are still living under Rome. 

It's time for the sleepers to awaken.

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