Friday, 29 June 2018

Q anon 6/28/18 Bourne Reality? Scarab beetle symbolism #SwissPharaohs

SpaceShot76 - Published on Jun 29, 2018

25 or so new Q drops today, Do we have a Jason Bourne like system in place? Was one activated in Merryland yesterday?

BronnyNZ said: Thanks for this graphic @ 21:28 . I immediately observed that the "sacrifice" symbol is an iconographic SYMBOL of the scarab beetle. "What is the Egyptian scarab beetle doing in a modern day / Freemason's sacrifice brand?", you might ask. Please see the work of @chatzefratz and my archive of articles on the subject of the "Swiss Pharaohs". It can't be explained in a sentence. Please go to these articles and videos and you will see why the Egyptian scarab is tied into blood sacrifice and Freemasonry.

Hints: (1) Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel Switzerland that holds ALL people in the world as #DebtSlaves. (2) Knights Templar established Switzerland in 1291 CE - the founders of the modern banking system with their spin-off, "Freemasonry". (3) Banker to the elites - Search: Ronald Bernard. (4) Up to 70% of all native Brits and Europeans carry the Haplogroup R1b1a2 gene - which traces back to a common ancestor with the Pharaoh Tutankhamun. 

Like I said, you're not going to get all of this in one sitting. It took me around 3 months to start getting to grips with how this web ties together. 

Consider also: #PriestsOfKarnak #ExodusFake #AmenhotepIV aka "Akhenaten" (1350 BCE) who was the first Pharaoh in Egypt to EVER be monotheistic. See Joanne Fletcher

Think about it ... Which other religions in the pan-Arabian region became monotheistic after 1350 BCE where previously those tribes people had been animistic or polytheistic? (Hint: Judaism, Islam, Roman Catholicism). This is how deep the roots of these matters go. 

"Symbols will be their downfall." - QAnon (or just "Q")  eg: #ScarabBeetle 

Thanks, BronnyNZ - ancient historian (Classical Studies) and geo-political researcher (BA Otago, NZ). 

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