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WHO IS: "Jesus the Sun of God who takes away the Sin of the world."


The video below shows how the story of Jesus - the death and resurrection of the Sun - comes to us from mythologies that pre-date Iesus Christus by many thousands of years...

The Babylonian Origins of Easter Ishtar

Published on Mar 3, 2012

Do you know why the date of our Easter celebrations moves around so much from end March to late April? It's because Easter was originally celebrated on the first full moon after the Spring Equinox - of the northern hemisphere that is. Easter truly is a Sun God celebration.

Ever since the fourth century, ie: from 300-399 AD during which time the Council of Nycea (325 AD) took place when the Roman oligarchy hi-jacked the true teaching of a man called 'Jesus' or 'Apollonius of Tyana' or some other great teacher of the time, for "Anglicans and Catholics, Easter Sunday has been the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox – a convoluted formula which means the date can vary by more than a month from year to year."

Note: Anglicans basically are Catholics who simply don't bow to the Pope or to 'Mother Mary' the Babylonian 'Queen of Heaven' otherwise known as "Semiramis". The Nicean Creed in the Anglican liturgy reads:
"I believe one holy catholic and apostolic Church..."

- That is: the 'general' church that was set up by the Romans in 325 AD.

Isn't it interesting that church leaders in England are now trying to bring Easter celebrations to a fixed date, and not according to Sun cycles?  Perhaps church leaders real-eyes (realize) that the literate populations of the earth in the 21st century will pretty quickly catch on that the so-called "Christianity" that came out of Rome as she fell (by 500 AD), is a Roman cross-pollination of their pagan religion, "Mithraism"?

Is "Christianity" more rightly called "Crux-tianity" or "Cross-tianity" since it's all about the Sun 'dying' for three days on the Southern Cross?  As humanity awakens, we will continue to recognize the fiction in the Cruci- (another "cross" word) - fiXion = "Crucifixion".

The word "Crucifixion" is one of the only words in the English language to have an "X" (or cross) to denote the "-ic, -ec, -uc" sound, whereas most every other word with this sound is written as "-iction, -ection, -uction" ??  Of course, we'd clearly be able to see the fiction then, of the "Cruci-fiction" story if it was spelled this way. Please compare to "benediction, election, trajection, seduction, rejection". No X's there whatsoever. But it's still the exact same sound! A-ha - "fixation" has the 'x' whose root of course is "fix-". Therefore, is "Cruci-fix-ion" actually about having a mindset "fixed" on or "fixated" on "The Cross", ie: the Southern Cross mythology?

"Hidden in plain sight".

Please note: The Egyptian mythological figure called "Sin" was the father of the sun god alternatively called Shamash.  "Sin" or "Shamash" is notably a reference to the full moon.

So of course the Sun God defeats Sin when "He" (the Sun) is hung on the Cross, ie: the Sun defeats the first full moon (Sin) after the March northern hemisphere Spring equinox. The southern cross constellation reference to December 22-25 is when the baby was born who was going to take away the "Sin" of the world. This Sun defeats Sin story of March-April tied into the Cross symbolism of the Winter Solsice on Dec 22-25, completes the Roman mythological cycle. Roman "Christianity" IS paganism.

This exact solar cycle (first full moon after the spring equinox) is also attached to child sacrifice as carried out in the cult of Molech or Baal, referenced in the old testament (Torah) many times. This cult was well-known in the ancient world. Thousands of innocent newborns and older babies were sacrificed at exactly this time of year, to Ishtar also known as Easter and her husband Molech or Baal, all over the eastern mediterranean from Egypt, through Canaan and into Babylon.

The "Easter" cult is pure evil !!!

It's called "Satanism" today, and is practiced by thousands of leading US politicians and heads of global corporations the world over, right now.  Hundreds of thousands of children 'go missing' every year in the USA and the UK. This is why there's so many go missing... The cult of Molech, whose animal is the owl, still stands in Bohemian Grove northern California to this day. This is where the leaders of nations and the world's biggest corporations gather every Saturnalia - just like in the Roman times. Even the Popes have sacrificed children in what they call "Black Masses".

This is the true and hidden religion of "Easter" = Ishtar, the fertility goddess who demanded the sacrifice of babies and young children... exactly as Ricky Dearman (search on this blog) and the Satanic cult in Hampstead, London (search on this blog) does today. They're likely sacrificing right now... this very weekend.  And yeah... those Satanists (search on this blog) cook and "eat the baby flesh" as well, just like the 'good Christians' eat the flesh of the baby in their church services.

We just have to get our heads around all of this and know how to read these words according to their origins. These words "Easter, Son of God (= Sun of God), Cross, Sin" are not what we think they mean. They come down to us from the pagan institutions of the "Mystery Religions" that are thousands of years old. Those Mystery Religions feature lots of eggs and rabbits. How else can we explain the proliferation of eggs and rabbits associated with "Christianity" all over the Christianized world?  There's no other explanation. Easter = Ishtar = Semiramis - the Babylonian "Queen of Heaven" c.850 BC.  Yes, she was a real human being. Babylonian Queen Semiramis c.850 BC was called "The Queen of Heaven" just like Mary, the so-called "Mother of Jesus" is called "The Queen of Heaven" to this day in the Catholic Church.

Are you starting to see yet how insidious all of this is?

Learn more about the Goddess Easter-Ishtar on these two links including the egg and rabbit symbolism.


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