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EyeTheSpy has BLOCKED me on Twitter. LARP! Assange still suffers in London!

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Hi there everyone -

Please note: I have no attachment to ETS (Eye) blocking me or not. I just think it's very weird behavior that throws up a lot of red flags! Please read on...

Did anyone pick up on any comments in EyeTheSpy threads as to why he blocked me? Apparently, ETS wants only his voice to be heard. I wonder if other Twitter accounts who are adding their knowledge and research to people's questions are also getting the boot? This is a big red flag for me! I only ever put my comments on people's questions that were not answered to, outside of the 30 minute Q & A timeframe. I did this to help people whose questions were not going to be replied to by ETS - to help them expand their understanding!

This blocking action taken against me reeks of a poser who is very insecure in his position, whose only alternative in not being busted is to shut down other researchers. Apparently ETS has no tolerance of independent researchers! Why is that?

Also: I was never rude, never abusive and never contradicted what ETS was saying... I did add links back to my blogs, since that is where my information is, and it saves me retyping the same thing over and over - so I add links. Being blocked is a great mystery to me, particularly since my actions are based in the attitude of "do no harm" !! So why did ETS block me... and many other people also, i've noticed. eg: @ 37:30 on this video.

EyeTheSpy followers and listeners, please be warned... Following anyone, ie: EyeTheSpy, as if they have all answers is a very bad idea. Anyone coercing you to follow them like a guru and particularly when they shut other voices down, definitely has a hidden agenda - of that you can be sure. 

Attention: There are things ETS is saying that are 100% incorrect. I'd say up to 75% is right... It's the 25% that is the problem. Serious example following...

Julian Assange is not in the USA. He is still locked up as a prisoner inside the Ecuadorian Embassy and has been without any internet connection (his life blood) since March 28, 2018.

EyeTheSpy's "errors" (lies) extends to Julian Assange. ETS is confirming the QAnon fable that JA is free. He is not!  eg: The UK judicial system is not going to hear a case when the Man is no longer in London UK !!  If the UK judicial system is still in discussion, Julian is still in the UK. See this video "British judge upholds UK arrest warrant for Julian Assange" published February 6, 2018 

eg: Speech by Mr. Julian Assange at the #ElevateFestival - from London UK, February 28, 2018. 

Anonymous Scandinavia - Published on Feb 28, 2018

Speech by Mr. Julian Assange at the #ElevateFestival in Austria, via LIVE-feed from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London on 28th February 2018

_ _ _ _ _ 

Following is a new video about Julian Assange published June 2, 2018. This 100% debunks EyeTheSpy's replies about Julian Assange. Herein lies the problem... 

The Q community is being led to think everything is fine with Julian. What about if he truly is not fine? Has the Q community been pursuaded to so IGNORE and NEGLECT Julian, who we have heart-feelings so deeply for ?? Are we such SHEEPLE ????  

Hence my comments - FOLLOW NO-ONE !! 

Rescue Julian Assange
American Intelligence Media - Published on Jun 2, 2018

Betsy and Thomas explain a timeline about Julian Assange since March that could explain why he is being held a prisoner in the Ecuadorean Embassy. To read the article that is discussed: Julian Assange - Political prisoner of the queen Elizabeth


QAnon very tragically told us that by early January, Julian would be in America. I seriously don't think this is true! Ever since the end of 2017, we have forgotten about Julian, believing that he is well looked after. We have now been convinced by "Eye The Spy" on Twitter that WikiLeaks has been compromised. We have totally turned our backs on Julian. What if: WikiLeaks on Twitter really IS the only 'silver thread' we have to Julian right now, and we have been pursuaded to ignore them?

How tragic is that !! ???

What idiots we are !!!

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