Wednesday, 27 June 2018

FAKE NEWS: Soy Boy vs Dough Boy by @MarkDice. Support Mark on Patreon.

Mark Dice - Published on Jun 25, 2018

Give US$1 a month on Patreon to support @MarkDice (Twitter) for all of the consistent and crazy-good work that he does for humanity. Thank you Mark.

Here's my comment to Mark on this video:
Thanks Mark. You're always on-point. I've been watching you (intermittently) for the last 2 years or so. This morning, I got the inner prompt that it was high time I helped you out and said 'Thank you' by becoming a monthly supporter on Patreon. I can only afford US$1 dollar a month (things are tight), but just imagine if all of your subscribers did this. You'd be able to get a team together then with all the gear you needed and really take on these big #FakeNews institutions. That is my hope for you > 1M per month USD.
Here's the shout-out Mark, that I just made to my followers on Twitter: Bronwyn Llewellyn @BronnyNZ said: "Yessss! I am now a proud patron of Mark Dice on @patreon, and you could be too. He's funny, alert, always on point + HE NEEDS OUR SUPPORT TO KEEP GOING !!! #LoveMarkDice @MarkDice by donating @ #Patreon (give a little) - love from New Zealand US$1 a month. EASY!!" Here's my blog, fyi >
From a fellow creator and author @ "Co-creating Our New Earth" WITH YOU ALL (active daily participation with people all around the world) for the #GreatAwakening from here in Aotearoa New Zealand - which incidentally is at the arse end of the Pacific Ocean, only 2500 miles from Antarctica (mid-winter here right now - chilly !!) Thanks brOther for ALL YOU DO !! <3 <3

Go get your credit card right now! Please support Mark Dice on Patreon. He's been doing this for years... (10 years) and we've been watching him for years! It's time to "give a little" back by going to his Patreon account. Please do it today. Humanity is entirely under-paying Mark for his tremendous efforts! - and at times, for him to seek legal council (par for the course if you're a player in the media field). Thank you all.

Note: Mark didn't ask me to do this. I have never had any communication with Mark, ever!  The first time i've ever commented on any of Mark's videos, is today - the comment you see above. He doesn't know me from a bar of soap. I just know a great creator when I see one, and he needs our support. Mark gives humanity much more value than what 2215 Patreon supporters can give him back in return.

It's time to make your contribution to Mark's life and efforts. He's a star !!  - a light shining out into the darkness for all the world to see. Creators are currently under attack. Please show your appreciation by giving a little today, on Mark's Patreon.

Thank you Mark! Keep going my friend!

And thank you all.

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