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Planet Earth's Ascension to the 4th Dimension: 11-11-11 to Jan 2014

Time of Transition for Planet Earth
  A Time of Planet wide Earth Changes

The official beginning of the infusion of 4D, fourth dimensional, energy, will begin to affect Earth's solar system on  11.11.11  as it begins to encounter energy from the galactic equatorial plane region - as a universe & galactic wide harmonic frequency will open and affect this whole area of space.

Whether people call this phenomenon a stargate or portal this area of faster higher fourth dimensional energy is real.  This historic date of 11.11.11 begins the infusion of 4D dimensional energy onto your planet.  It will affect Earth & its people in a  positive, uplifting way like never before experienced in your planet's history.

2012 - 2013

The saturation of this higher frequency vibration will continue from the end of 2011, through all of 2012, reaching full strength during the time of December 21, 2012 - which will bring a completely new, even higher level frequency vibration - such that the experience & measurement of time as the people of Earth have known it... will begin to go away.   It will continue to go away and perpetually diminish throughout all of 2013.

These vibrational changes, and continued geophysical changes, earthquakes, volcanoes going off, wave events, these will all continue to happen throughout the last months of 2012, into March 2013 [and beyond] when the final rotation of the 90 degree shift of Earth's crust happens with the present day East/West orientation of the continents moving into their new North/South orientation. 

There is also expected to be a magnetic pole shift, a reversal, during this time, but will likely not cause any problems for the people of Earth. There is of course likely to be a temporary period of adjustment of Earth's electrical systems, but this is only expected to last a few hours time.  It will not be problematic.  If there are any  difficulties at all, the biospheres of the Andromeda Council stand ready to help and will help.

The 23.5 degree off-axis tilt of the Earth that presently exists should be corrected as well, and will be no longer.  This will mean a much more temperate climate for planet Earth overall.  Think of the whole planet as having a climate much like that of the Mediterranean region.

Yes, planet Earth will likely go through continued dramatic changes to get to this new higher vibrational existence.  And these events as life changing they will be to both humans and all life on the planet... these changes are normal and necessary for this process.   It  is  transformation.   It is evolution. 

During this overall time every living thing from the largest to the smallest will be offered the opportunity to change, to evolve, into 4D, fourth dimensional, life.

Just  like  a  woman's  body  changes, adjusts & expands,  Earth too must go through her uncomfortable adjustments, her labor pains, and the momentary intense pain of child birth. her Earth  too  must  adjust  &  prepare  herself  for  this  new beginning, for her new life as a 4th density world... a far more  colorful,  vibrant, &  beautiful  4th  dimensional  world.

These earth changes are expected to settle down throughout remaining later part of 2013, and will begin the completion of this cycle by the end of October, winding down in December 2013.


It is expected planet Earth, her people & virtually all life, will begin her new 4D higher vibrational existence, her new fourth dimensional life, in early January 2014.

Please know that this moment of change to 4D will happen, literally, as  fast  as, in  the  'blink of an eye'.   This change to 4D life will be instantaneous.  There will also be some pockets of 5D, fifth dimensional, vibration, on your new 4D Earth.  But be assured, it will be an even more colorful, far more beautiful reborn world. 

Also please keep in mind that 4D, the fourth dimension, is one of a journey inward toward the complete expression of love... love for each other and love of self.  During the course of this evolution toward 4D, toward a life of love, remember to forgive... forgive yourself & forgive others on the way to... opening your heart.

This journey from 3D to 4D can also be expressed as the journey from thousands of years of male/ intellectual/ logical energy & outward expression focused on the ways of the mind; transitioning to the more gentle expressions of female/ giving/ intuitive energy focused on the... ways of the heart.  The ways of peace, of giving... of love. 

Go out into nature, quiet your mind, live from your heart, bring as much joy & love as possible into your life & into the lives of those you touch...   and know you will awaken in joy to a beautiful new world.



  1. On one site you find channeled information , that the Ascension will take about eleven years and on a other website
    you find information that it will take about 4 years ans then somewhere else till 2035 . Now on this site , you read that it will be instantaneously . What is the truth ? These messages are very confusing and I believe , that there is no one
    who realy knows when this will happen . There are lots of false predictions about the Ascension . That Ascension will happen is for sure , but when ? There not one website that is giving the right information , because they simply do not know . No one knows !!

    1. Hello Koemarsing, Thank you for taking the time to come to this site and read this article, mirrored from "Andromeda Council. com ". It is not my own work. I simply thought it was interesting and had some good points.

      I am reminded of the words of Gautama Buddha ~ "Seek nothing outside of yourself." If you are coming to these sorts of articles with the intention of finding "the answer" that someone else is spoon feeding you, you will only become confused, annoyed and disillusioned. Dis-illusion is very good by the way, as it is the ending of illusion. We all need to become disillusioned from time to time. It's a real wake-up call for us to check out what we were accepting as "reality" : )

      ALL information sits within YOU. Each Embodiment of Eternal Essence (humanity and all life) must sit in quiet, open reflection, with whatever question is "bothering" you, and YOU will find your own answer : ) This is true for every topic under the Sun. "Seek and you will find. Knock and the door WILL be opened to you." I have had to sit in quiet open reflection sometimes for an hour... or more. At other times, I have had to ponder a complex social issue for months... even years... before the embryonic beginnings of an answer are shown to me. At other times, I know the answer in a second... and I hear in in my 'mind's ear', if you will.

      Please don't depend on any one of us... no blogger, no channel, no scientist. YOU are the Co-creator of this whole Experience with me. We can only move forward effectively once we have STOPPED looking for leaders. You are completely correct: "No one knows". But we can at least read these articles and educate ourselves to what the "road markers" MIGHT be, so at least we have some sort of a compass bearing : )

      You will see that the time-frame for this article is from 11-11-11 up until early January 2014. So how long is that ?? - slightly over 2 years for this recalibration of energies to take place. Dates are "interesting" and we get very excited about them, I agree. However, "time" is simply part of the holographic "reality" that we live in and is one of the main tools that binds us to our enslavement. In the "Eternal Bliss" of Unity Consciousness of All that Is, there IS No Time, No Space and No Separation. Therefore, can a date be predicted ??

    2. I guess the "proof" that anything at all has happened and that the Energies have shifted from 3D to 4D, needs to be judged according to one's own experiences. Please ask yourself these questions as referred to in this article:

      (1) Since 11-11-11 have YOU had inexplicable feelings that have stayed with you, that are unusually "positive and uplifting" ?? (from paragraph 2)

      Upon reflection, I can say "Yes" to this myself. I have suffered from EXTREME Anxiety that held me prisoner over my toilet bowl vomiting (dry wretching really), even for days at the worst times in my life, from the late 1990's up to around May of 2012 to be honest. I don't have these overwhelming feelings that everything is about to go "wrong" and that i'm going to die, anymore... Constantly living in fear. I think it really helps that I can now see "the Big Picture - the game" that the globalist agenda is trying to bring... and I simply don't buy in to the Energy of "the game" any longer. I feel very free. I feel very powerful. It's wonderful : )

      (2) Did YOU experience an ever-increasing build up of Energy until around "the time of December 21, 2012" ?? (paragraph 3)

      The "truther" world was living on the knife-edge of wondering if Princess Nakamaru's prediction of 3 days of darkness was going to come about and whether Carl Calleman's interpretation of the Mayan Calendar was going to come about. So yes... A large build up of Energy for a lot of people I think. But then there was nothing. However....

      By the 2nd week in January 2013, the internet was abuzz with what had happened on 25 December 2012. The One People's Public Trust declared itself on that day as registering filings since mid 2011 up until 25 December 2012 through the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) vehicle, International Commerce Law vehicle, giving marching orders IN LAW to ALL Corporations including ALL banking institutions including the IMF and the mother of all banks, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) AND ALL Governments.... which ARE all Registered Corporations on the New York Stock Exchange, registrations are held at the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington DC. The People... All 30 million (and daily increasing) of us world wide now SAW the Scam !!

      The Energies got particularly HOT on 20 July 2013 (I couldn't drink enough water... I kept burning up) when New Zealander Kiri Campbell followed a paper process in law and finance whose outcome was that her local bank teller deposit $15,000,000 into her personal banking account.... OUT OF THIN AIR !!!! That was the clincher for me. The following day in NZ on 21 July 2013, an Earthquake hit our Capital !! THAT analogy was NOT lost on me either !! The Global Crime Syndicate and all of their money-plans are falling, bigtime !! Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert even uprooted from NYC and have set up shop in London in early 2013 (from memory) so they could have "a ring side seat", quote unquote.

      Definitely !! A LOT of energy built up around 21 December 2012 which took around 9-10 months to dissipate and settle.

    3. (3) Have YOU experienced "time" getting faster and faster since 11-11-11 ?? ie: "the experience & measurement of time as the people of Earth have known it... will begin to go away." (paragraph 3)

      Are the days seeming to get shorter? Are Christmases now running one into the next with no gaps. When you meet 'old friends', does it seem like you saw them only yesterday? Am I only just arriving at work then it's tea break... then suddenly lunch time ?? Then as if in an instant, you're home again ??

      This is how I am now experiencing "time". I recognise it as part of the holographic illusion. "Time" is a human construct that imprisons us and "makes" us old... simply because of our belief in it. But as we wake up to these things, these fetters are falling off us and we are seeing the Truth... That the "Infinite"... of which we are a part, ie: We Are Infinite Beings, is INDEED without bounds !! That's the Truth. "Time" is a Construct. "Time" is a Universal lie. There's no such thing. Quantum physics tells us this. This is not a pseudo-science metaphysic "invention" that i've just made up. There is no "space". There is no "time". I know... It's pretty big to wrap your head around : )

      (4) Have we been having more geophysical events ?? "These vibrational changes, and continued geophysical changes, earthquakes, volcanoes going off, wave events, these will all continue to happen..." (paragraph 4).

      I think we can all agree that this is true. In 2012 I first started looking at the "coincidental" relationships between Elenin's alignments with Earth and earthquake activities. The USGS (US Geological Survey) website reported that the frequencies of Earthquakes had increased significantly. There were SO MANY earthquakes of HUGE magnitude in fact, that the USGS completely changed their format in latter 2012. They changed the way they show their data, and now make it much less obvious what the ACTUAL frequency and magnitude of these earthquakes are. They have hidden a great deal of info. from the public. A number of their pages are not linked. You have to know they exist and have some idea of the URL to even find them. Here's an example of what you could find on USGS in their old format. A 12-year-old would have no trouble interpreting the data:

      Now, you just get a crappy one day map:

      And if you know what you're looking for, you will find this. These are the all-too-important comparative archives.

      Something is DEFINITELY going on... both seismically and politically.

      In passing, here's some other very good links if people get interested in following this Earthquake phenomena is some detail...

      Heliplots - 24 hour live charts, global, on USGS. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/operations/heliplots_gsn.php

      Iris 2-D Global monitor

      Iris 30-day chart of all earthquakes >4.0 magnitude - this is a good one, and hearkens back to what USGS used to be - http://www.iris.edu/seismon/eventlist/index.phtml

      NASA orbitals. Just enter the comet/ object name or ID and the orbital with give you a projected trajectory.

    4. Has there not been a Pole Shift ?? I know that all over the world, the weather has been outrageous. Weather events have occurred this winter in the Northern Hemisphere never before seen "since records began". I've also noticed this summer in New Zealand that our twilight was extended by up to as much as 90 minutes here in the North Island, NZ during this year's Summer Solstice. I also noticed this winter just gone that the position of our setting sun is approximately 30 degrees closer to magnetic north on the Winter Solstice and around 20 degrees closer to direct South during the Summer Solstice. Something VERY strange IS going on. We have had a very cool summer so far. I have not even been able to put my winter duvet into storage at all this "summer". It is VERY, VERY "Ambient" !! If there were a Pole Shift, do you really think it would be on the 6 o'clock news ??

      I won't continue with this examination here... I have given you some cues now...

      But this is what we must each do:

      (1) Stop listening to other people. Do some Google/ other searches and figure out what sites you need to find to give you the data you need to support or denounce a theory.

      (2) Make an examination of these theories and speculations according to what YOU are experiencing... Not what some news reader, clairvoyant or PhD is telling you what is happening. Check out your window. Talk to your neighbours. YOU are the "monitoring equipment". YOU are the vehicle collecting the data of this current interconnected global experience.

      (3) YOU are the one who needs to take responsibility for keeping an eye on your local parliamentary/ senate politician. They are your "representative". Make them REPRESENT You !!

      (4) YOU are the one who needs to take responsibility for keeping an eye on Your BANK. They are NOT generally Savings Banks, but are Corporate Banks. Go in, ask questions, spend an hour reading their leaflets. Be VISIBLE. Let them KNOW you are keeping an eye on them. At any time, any of these Corporate Banks can pull a "Bail In" on your account, aka. "The Cyprus Experiment".

      (5) YOU are the one who needs to take responsibility for keeping an eye on Your DOCTOR, Your SUPERMARKET, Your HOSPITAL, Your ENERGY SUPPLIER, Your EDUCATION SYSTEM, Your COURT SYSTEM, Your PENAL SYSTEM, Your INSURANCE COMPANY, Your LOCAL GOVERNMENT, any, other and ALL state or regional authorities....


      That's right. No Body.

      And look at the mess the world is in... because The People got too busy and too lazy, and put too much trust in people who are not worthy to hold that trust. It's time to change all that.

      What is happening for YOU ???

    5. One thing is for sure Koemarsing ; ) This so-called "ascension" WILL happen in the "twinkling of an eye". I've also "seen" this on more than one occasion...

      This is an amazing story of 'awakening'. Please see if your library has this book or you can find agents online:


  2. Well, early January 2014 is now history, just like all the other predictions made in the past on this subject, along with the absence of any evidence to support the predictions. Another swing and a miss. What you predict would likely be something desirable and better than what we have now it seems to me. Oh well, one can dream anyway. But what you do is build up people's hopes for their lives and families, just to let everybody down because your predictions have no evidence and always fail to materialize. It's too bad really that some of these things you predict do not materialize, and it's too bad really that you mislead in such a grandiose manner and without substance. I experience sadness for the fails, and negative vibes toward you as you are either delusional, mind controlled or just plainly sadistic - pick one.

    1. Not my work. Please go to the author on Andromeda Council.com and let your complaint be heard there.... Thanks : )


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