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Biography: John Key on

Who is John Key?

Last updated 01:34   03/02/2008

In a special report, London's Financial Times and the Sunday Star-Times shed new light on Key's former life as a London currency trader. John Key wants to be running New Zealand by the end of the year because, like all other politicians, "I believe the future of our country can be really great."

He formed what was to be a lucrative relationship with 32-year-old currency trader Andy Krieger, based at Bankers Trust in New York, who began putting hundreds of millions of dollars of business through Key's dealing room.

... While Key can't remember whether he actually executed some of the sells for Krieger's 1987 speculative play on the kiwi, the timing suggests he did not. But Krieger continued his high-rolling punts on the Kiwi dollar after his big win, often placing $50m buy or sell orders with Key and his dealing room. The huge flow of business from Krieger and others at Bankers Trust in New York soon turned the local branch into the number one dealing room in New Zealand, cementing Key's success and fattening his bonus packets.

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