Sunday, 12 August 2012

Maori Water Ownership ?? Corporate Pakeha Got There First !!!

On Watercare, $ 100 a month bills and Aucklands Privatised Water!

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Update: received a photo of a bill!

News is beginning to reach me that Auckland residents are receiving bills for water of around a $100 a month. They are receiving these from a company called Watercare.  

I would  like to have a copy of the contract the receiver of these bills has signed with this company agreeing to the conditions and a document proving that this company is a legal party in the contract to deliver water to the signer of said contract.  If these documents are non existent I would like to suggest that the recipients of these bills refuse to pay and take the company to court for fraud and extortion and impersonating a legal party in what is the delivery of an essential service of a resource not owned by anybody (according to John Key our Prime Minister)

- by Aotearoa Perspective

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