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Smart Meters: Not Cool

Smart Meter radiation has 35 kilometer range!

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Power firms tell their customers that smart meters only have a short range for transmitting wireless signals..

However, I contacted my power company in New Zealand - Contact Energy - and had it confirmed that smart meters have a transmission range of up to 21 miles.

Watch this video to see how you may be affected by wireless pollution and then visit http://www.PowerStruggle.co.nz to read an important scientific report warning of smart metres.

New analogue meters are an option in NZ

Just had a call from a chap at Contact Energy offering me a new analogue power meter. The company wrote to me about two weeks ago to say a Smart Meter would be installed. Subsequent phone calls, while politely and professionally handled, didn’t show much chance of an alternative.
I pressed on.
Today I got a call saying Contact Energy will install an Actaris SMO ACE1000 power meter that has no wireless capabilities at all. As you can see from the photo below, it has a display much like an older car’s odometer. The news came with a polite heads up that I may not be able to take part in any special offers the firm may have as I won’t have a smart meter. And that if I did decide a smart meter was needed, then I’d have to pay for it to be installed.
If you want an analogue meter installed, this page is your evidence that it is an option – at least if you are a Contact Energy customer. My advice is to not get emotional with power companies as you will be talking with a call centre person who – with all due respect – often don’t have the option of making decisions. Put your request in writing – email worked for me. Be polite, remain firm and clear. Send any supporting documents to help your case. This PDF appears to have helped me.
Remember, there is no law that requires you to have a smart meter – listen here.
Good luck.



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