Saturday, 11 August 2012

Crop Circle 08-08-08 Milk Hill, Wiltshire, UK

    Dawning Golden Crystal Age    2 hours ago

⌘⌘ Namaste ⌘⌘⌘
Blessings of the Divine Kosmos °¨♥⁀˚⋆.‿☼°

This stunning No. 8 crop circle appeared on 8.8.8. and is 800 feet long ♥ 

"The Awakening of Conscious Awareness is Unstoppable"

"... the acceleration is designed to awaken the various participants to a much greater experience of existence through integrating a huge vibrational change of energy. The gateway to such a time of awakening opened on your world in 1987, when the energies from super nova 1987A reached Earth, initiating twenty-five years of unprecedented change and exponential transformation. The period from 1987 to 2012 has been foreseen by great sages in many ages as the turning point in a very powerful cycle of human development."

"Prepare yourselves. We are about to experience something that has never been experienced before on this planet or elsewhere in this Universe - something so extraordinary that it is hard yet to even imagine, let alone believe. But it is happening. It is already happening in the lives of many who are committed to discovering the truth, to living from love instead of fear, and to making a difference in humanity's and the Earth's hour of need.

Day by day, events, meetings and experiences which before would have seemed miraculous are occurring. Yet once we begin to understand what is happening, they are no longer miraculous. They are magical, wonderful, mysterious and life-affirming yet now understandable within the new conceptual framework of a much enlarged bandwidth of multidimensional reality. The cumulative effect of these experiences is to finally shatter any last remaining doubts. They simply vanish in the Light of our new understandings of what is actually happening, like mist in the morning Sun. Not tomorrow, not next year, but NOW.

The created world is woven out of the fabric of Love. You are a Divine Being of immense and awesome powers of creation. This is the truth. Somewhere inside, you know it and now you are ready to remember. It is getting late, the Sun is shining and it is a beautiful New Day. It is time to wake up. You have slept long enough. What you will experience on waking is a Whole New Reality. It has been there all along, waiting for you, for us. And because IT WILL HAPPEN in the Now that is yet to come, you can access it in this Now if you choose to tune into it. For there is only Now." 

~ The Pleiadians ~

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Milk Hill, Wiltshire - 8th August 2008

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