Friday, 24 August 2012

"The Awakening" Rapidly Excedes Expectations

Global Awakening – August 21, 2012

By Sri Amma Bhagavan – August 21, 2012

As we are in the most awaited year 2012, the time has come where we are witnessing the fulfillment of Sri Amma Bhagavan’s vision of 70,000 Awakened people by the end of this year. Divine grace has increased multi-fold.

Thousands of people are experiencing the Presence and are blessed with Awakening. At the same time millions are moving into Awakened states as the phenomenon unfolds. Here are the latest figures of the people who are Awakened and in Awakened states across the planet. These figures will be updated the 21st of each month.

■ People Awakened are over 71,000
■ People living in the Presence are over 130,000
■ People in Awakened states are over 45 million
■ People experiencing the Presence are over 86 million

(Note: living in the presence means God-realization where the presence guides the person at every moment, continuously.)


The Oneness Meditation (OM) was released in 2012 to assist with the planetary shift in consciousness.  Originated from the Oneness University, it is part of a global phenomenon which is taking many forms; helping to start a chain reaction, a critical mass shift in consciousness-setting you and all of humanity totally & unconditionally free.

To learn more or participate:

Oneness Meditation - Doug Bentley, Oneness Guide from Oneness University

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A video explaining the new Oneness Meditation happening across the planet.

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