Thursday, 9 August 2012

Forestalling John Key's Asset Sales Agenda

In response to the last few paragraphs of the article below:  No... John Key's not defending the NZ currency.  More like, flogging off what ALREADY belongs to New Zealanders and throwing the ownership of these assets into the Snake Pit that he came from.  How can this be "defending the currency"  ???  

The argument of "we have to pay back our debt" doesn't hold any water either. Clever, clever NZ economist Gareth Morgan and other NZ economists like Gareth say straight out that MORE REVENUE will be earned for NZ from these assets over the next 5 years by HOLDING ONTO THEM NOW than what will be made in a 'quick fire raffle' in 2012.  

If Key is such a 'class act' in the financial arena, what's stopping him getting out a pencil and working this out for himself ??  Even a housewife working out an annual budget of petrol and vehicle expenditure over a year could work this out (no disrespect to housewives...  I was one for quite a while).  And in this working out would discover that to sell the car NOW to raise money to pay off an overhanging bill then leaves very few options for mobility, such as taking part-time work on over the next 5 years as the children get older.  Us housewives 'get it' in a snap !!  Why can't John Key ???  What  REALLY  is that man's AGENDA ???

In all honesty, Thank God for the Waitangi Tribunal which is bringing the water debate into public view and foreshadows years of adjudication over 'water rights'. Overseas corporate investors will be less likely to jump into bed with the NZ public and screw them silly (ie: 'force' a 'return' on the investment through unaffordable power charges, like up in Northland at the moment, right now !! )  

Thank God for Rio Tinco Alcan in Bluff who just announced last night that they are considering no longer staying with privatised energy supplier Contact Energy. Alcan uses the same amount of power as the cities of Wellington and Hamilton combined in its daily operations. Alcan wants to bail from Contact...  and you should have seen the shares in Contact crash yesterday !!!   

And this is the dodgy flipping dealings that John Key wants to sell the people of NZ into with his 'mixed ownership' model of what now currently BELONGS to you and me...  to all NZ'ers.  Why are we standing back letting him steal our stuff off us for godsakes ??   The Alcan example is a perfect example of what can happen in the share market...  

And Key wants us to sign up for this ???   You've got to be joking, right ??

And Thank God for the TV3 poles a couple of nights ago who interviewed NZ'ers in two camps:  National Party supporters and non-National Party supporters.  The results were profound...  (i've tried to find a link...  not enough time to do this right now).

The results showed for BOTH CAMPS that around 12% of people poled would buy the assets as shares.  Around 75% of all NZ people, of both political camps, would NOT be buying asset shares.  Why not ???   

Simply, as the TV3 reporter pointed out, NZ'ers don't have the money.  We're all too busy trying to work to pay for our over-inflated mortgages (thanks to the LIBOR and other financial instruments gone wrong since 2008 and beforehand - including straight up lying and embezzlement of funds by bankers stealing from the common people, GLOBALLY)  that WE DON'T HAVE THE MONEY as individuals to buy shares !!!!   So who will buy the shares then ???   Yup !!  Overseas Corporations God Help Us !!!

No Asset Sales !!!

There's my response John Key !!

No Freakin' Way !!!

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