Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Visioning for Our New Earth

We humans are an evolving species, and we are at a crisis.  We’ve seen that evolution appears to always be precipitated by crisis.  We’ve certainly created a crisis for ourselves -  with global climate change, environmental degradation, overpopulation, and an unwillingness to address these issues. It is time for a huge leap in consciousness, and I believe that NOW is the time for that leap.

Imagine* a world where no one goes hungry, where everyone has ample food and shelter.              
A world where the challenge is to see how much we can learn, how creative we can become, how loving we can be.  


Imagine a clean world of green energy and respect for our planet and the wildlife that share it with us.  

Imagine a world where your greatest wealth is in being your very best genuine beautiful self.   


Imagine a world of kindness and compassion, of art and music and literature.  
Imagine a world where greed is seen as the mental disease that used to afflict humankind before we grew up.

Imagine it... and hold that picture in your mind.


This humble blog is a single voice out of millions of us who want to create a better civilization for ourselves and our children.

 -  BY VOICE13

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