Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Western Australia - a flurry of earthquakes

Alert Quake Swarm WA Australia Beccon & NSW & Canberra 15th August 2012

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A Swarm of Quakes right under and near Beacon [Western Australia], these are record breaking information and it is not being heard. HAARP? Nibiru Effect ? who knows now.

Breaking News Nibiru Is now closer than Expected 

+ New Tracking Co ordinates Must Watch.mp4

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Wednesday 15th August 2012.
2.25am Brown Dwarf Rises Clearly
3:15am Brown Dwarf at 30deg at 46 degree NE Magnetic
4:15am Planet X Clear Visible 40 deg at 35deg NE
4:30am Nibiru Big Sun Rises and is now hard to focus on with your eyes as it is getting so bright.
4:45am Nibiru Sun Fully Risen
5:00am Nibiur Sun at 35 Degree tilt 45deg heading just beside the big dipper.
5:00am Planet x or a ( sun called Nibiru ) take off on a 23 deg NEheading to make the U turn and Head out on a 313 deg NW
Tracking Suspended 5:00 am
Earth Sunrise was at 6:16 am
It has gathered speed and is Heading out way quite fast, as its momentum is out of this world fast....
13h 48m 0s, - 8 24' 25"
Cheers Neddy Flanders

Is Neddy Flanders onto something ???

Huge Object Moving Closer. Is It A Planet? What is Coming Our Way?

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What is Coming Our? Is It A Planet? This Object Is Getting Much Brighter Than When I First Spot It. Could It Be Because It I Getting Closer To Our Sun? Moreover, My Gut Feeling Tells Me That This Object Is Huge. Anyone from NASA Care To Explain It? Just As Long As They Do not Manipulate the Data.

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