Wednesday, 1 August 2012


What is the problem facing the USA?  Materialism, corporate control of the media, misinformation, wealth inequality, greed and lack of respect for the planet come immediately to mind.  De-regulation of Wall Street and Banks is a large part of the problem, as is the deadly Citizens United Supreme Court decision that finally allowed multinational corporations to outright purchase our elections.  Lobbyists write legislation, buy politicians, and put their own laws in place.  Or sometimes the lobbyists simply become the politicians for a while.  There is a word for a system where corporate power merges with political power, and that word is fascism.  I know we prefer not to use this word, since the crazies often use it incorrectly and have thus diluted its meaning.  But there it is.

Corporate ownership of all media in America allows  the top 1% to control our news and until recently, almost completely control our national conversation (currently just 6 giant conservative corporations decide just about everything you see and hear).
However, the voice of the people is beginning to come through.  All over the world, the PEOPLE are Occupying – working to create a new society.  Change IS happening — often ignored by a media that is owned by the corporate overlords who benefit from the old system.  Therefore, we need to share it when we learn about it, and bypass the propaganda.

 -  BY VOICE13

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