Sunday, 12 August 2012

Deep Grieving

I thought this passage from an article on www.scenario2012 was pretty interesting.  

I actually had a deep grieving moment last Thursday.  I was just so overwhelmed by what our politicians are doing to our planet - in terms of ecology - then this crying, then deep wailing came out of me.  I'm sure the whaia (older lady) I was with at the marae (Maori civic and healing centre) got quite a shock at what came out of me, as was I.  It was deep grief mixed in with anger.  I am so cross at what the politicians in NZ are doing right now...  turning our whole land into a great big mine...  deep sea oil, gold mining, fracking...  It's absolutely horrendous.  I can't believe what they're doing... and people are just sitting back...  letting it happen.  Why are we not out on the streets day after day protesting this BS ??  All that will be left is poisoned land and someone with a fat bank balance...  probably one of those from the 147 corporations that own 80% of the world's wealth   : (   

I digress...  If you've had some moments of mourning recently, or if you find yourself in deep sadness or mourning in days to come, you're not alone.  Let your heart weep...  The days are harsh  : (    Your weeping (actually) will shift the energy...  

Later that Thursday night on TV News, the Bluff Aluminium smelter (Alcan) in the South Island announced that it's deciding to switch power supply companies. It's a huge company that uses as much electricity as 2 small NZ cities totalling around 400,000 people. The power company that Alcan is currently with is Contact Energy which is a privately owned. This  company has shares floated on the NZ Stock Exchange.  You should have seen the price of the Contact shares take a huge hit after this announcement was made.  It showed me that my wailing earlier in the day was heard in heaven...  as Alcan in Bluff simultaneously/ 'co-incidentally' decided to announce that they're going to switch their power company to one of the State Owned power providers in NZ. I hope people in NZ are starting to Wake Up.  The Stock Exchange is no place to gamble our State Owned assets.  Here's the passage from Scenario 2012:

Mourning in Progress

We wish to bring this one last piece today, for there is also a sadness on planet Earth that has been happening for some time. This deep inner sadness may strike you at some point, and we wish to tell you about it so that you understand what is taking place. Any time that you move from one level to the next, you are likely to experience a sadness. 

Much of the sadness that humans carry very deeply and far back in their consciousness has to do with leaving Home. It is what we call separation anxiety, and you actually had to leave your Home where you were connected to everything. At Home, everything was done with a simple thought...

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