Friday, 24 August 2012

"The Great Awakening" continues

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Truly wonderful things are happening all across the planet as the moment for awakening approaches.  Many of you can sense the energies of change that are infiltrating the mass consciousness and leading you forward into the loving embrace of the divine energy field now enveloping Earth and all the life forms that she supports...  

Humanity’s awakening is at hand. 

Each one of you is pure energy and therefore indestructible.  Your bodies age, decay, and disintegrate.  Then you lay them down, but you return to the spiritual realms.  The vast majority of you have had many, many lives during which you have been continuously evolving, sometimes very slowly, while at other times it may well seem that what had unfolded and been learnt in one life was lost in a later one.  However, every life you have led has been a learning experience, and although the knowledge learnt can remain hidden for long periods, nothing you have learnt is ever lost...

A peaceful world will be born in which cooperation and new technologies will be combined to resolve all the problems that have previously divided man against himself.  All will live abundantly and happily in creatively stimulating and inspiring environments of intense beauty as they continue their onward journeys towards awakening.  However, these changes will not be apparent to those ones who choose a slower path!  It will just seem that this new system of honesty and transparency has always been the way in which relationships have been conducted...

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