Thursday, 16 August 2012

Delores Cannon: Our New Earth is here Now !!

Dolores Cannon "New Earth Frequency Change" full interview.

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Worth seeing the manifestations of other people on the predictions for our future. The sum of detail and information from multiple sources is what will help you to form your own opinion about these matters.

Re-edition of the video interview with Dolores Cannon "New Earth Frequency Change" from October, 2011.

Dolores Cannon, through hypnotherapy, can identify missionaries ETs, interviewing them during hypnotic trance. She knows what they were doing here, though, she does not reveal everything she knows in this interview. You will realize that although other words, the general concepts are very similar to what Mythi gave us so far. This simple and quiet lady, very wisely, does not speak only of ETs, speech about 2012, Karma, health.
More than forty-minute interview, but worth it.

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