Thursday, 9 August 2012

Tongariri eruption 7 August 2012, Central New Zealand

First eruption in 100 years New Zealands Mount Tongariro 

Volcano awakens/Erupts without Warning

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(Aug 7, 2012) Ash from New Zealand's Mount Tongariro covers houses and farmland as New Zealands volcano has been dormant for more than a century has spewed boulders and spread an ash cloud over the center of the country, disrupting air traffic but causing no other damage or injuries. A volcano quiet for more than a century erupted in a New Zealand national park, spreading thick ash for several miles and causing some residents to evacuate their homes. Some domestic flights were canceled Tuesday. Mount Tongariro spewed ash and rocks for about 30 minutes late Monday night after a few weeks of increased seismic activity. It didn't cause any injuries or damage in the sparsely populated central North Island region. He said residents in the area have told GNS of hearing several loud explosions, lightning and plumes of smoke and police have been told by an onlooker that "a new hole in the side of the mountain" had formed. They have also reported bright red rocks flying out of the mountain. The eruption reportedly happened at the Te Mari Craters, which are close to the Ketetahi Hot Springs on the northern side of the mountain. Civil Defence says the volcanic activity could pose a threat to the Waikato, Hawkes Bay, Gisborne, Manawatu-Wanganui, Bay of Plenty and Taranaki regions. A warning was also issued at 1.45am to people in these affected areas saying residents should stay indoors since volcanic ash is a health hazard. (64TH VOLCANO SINCE FEBUARY TO AWAKEN AFTER BEING DORMENT FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS.)

Mount Tongariro Eruption

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Ashfall on roads around Mount Tongariro this morning from the minor eruption of the Te Mari crater on the north eastern slopes of Mount Tongariro

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