Sunday, 26 November 2017

Retired Marine Major asks: "Can you handle the truth?" Time to PREPARE!

Julian Assange has HRC's sex tape with HA and an underage girl - retrieved off AW's laptop.

#TheStorm is going to shock people to the bone.

Video:  Retired Marine - "Winter Is Coming" - QAnon Tells Patriots to Prepare for Marshal Law! - For your protection!

Steve Motley - Published on Nov 25, 2017

**** I found a site that appears to have archived All of QAnon's Releases since 31 Oct 17. Check it out and forward this information along! ****

**** Marines in the CIA Headquarter – Benjamin Fulford – Full Report via @2016disclosure **** 

Retired Marine Sounds Off - Has Trump & Mueller Staged a Counter Coup Against the Globalist Pedophiles? 

Retired Marine - QAnon Leaker Is Preparing America For The Many Arrest Coming to D.C. soon! 

Retired Marine - Q Clearence Aka QAnon Says Marine Corps Protecting Trump From Globalist Threats! 

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