Monday, 6 November 2017

ELITE PEDOPHILE ROUND UP. Indictments: Podestas, Abedin and 10 others.

Video: Is Tony Podesta Arrested? Media Blackout 4chan

Published by Secret Wars on Nov 4, 2017

Video: Arrest of Tony Podesta, John Podesta and Hillary Clinton

Published by April LaJune on Nov 5, 2017
Is it true? Has Tony Podesta been arrested? Is there really a warrant for John Podesta and Hillary Clinton? Could this be the draining of the swamp wanted by the American people? Will we really be able to lock her up? Article:

The Dam Is Breaking on Hillary Clinton - article November 6, 2017

Tony Podesta Arrested: Arrest Warrants Issued for Hillary Clinton & John Podesta
Published by Anonymous EXPOSED on Nov 5, 2017
Mainstream media blackout as key Democrats indicted. Tony Podesta in Custody, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta 'turning themselves in'.


Published by Gotcha News Network on Oct 30, 2017

Video: TONY PODESTA ARREST RECORD! Are Hillary, John Podesta, Huma Abedin Next? Is this Fake? You Decide

Black Conservative Patriot
Published on Nov 6, 2017  - 9 hours ago ~ NEW!

Published by The Next News Network on Nov 6, 2017

Before going any further, please see this link for an excellent summary of this multi-layered story. Jordan Sather brings us the compass that gives context to all of the above:

Here is the primary source material for the first 3 videos above, re: the 4chan information > 

Video:  /POL/- Q Clearance Anon - Is it #happening???

Published by Tracy Beanz on Nov 3, 2017
Given the specific and serious nature of what is being dropped on /pol/, I decided it was important to at least mark it with a video. Wether it is the most MASSIVE LARP in the history of man, or legitimate, remains to be seen. I decided that it shouldn't be ignored. GodSpeed.. And love.

Links to the 4chan images used in this video (all the same information):

Screenshots of these images follow as a backup if these 4chan files somehow "drop off the web". Please follow the text (from one of these 3 sources - 2 links above or screenshots below), while TraceyBeanz reads it out aloud. Doing this will most certainly assist to unscramble the details of this quite astounding story. Thanks.

Following is one of the early commentators on this information - very interesting. This video includes only the first part of this information drop. More was written on the 4chan thread by Q after November 1.

Video: Podesta Indicted 11-3, Huma Indicted 11-6 Anon Mega Drop!
Glenn Canady
Published on Nov 1, 2017

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