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11.11 Update Jordan Sather with Notes.

11.11 - The Storm Will Unfold. FakeNews Alert. No Space Corp Another Dead Dr

Destroying The Illusion  - Streamed live on Nov 11, 2017

Orlando Airport Evacuation - 
Air Traffic Controller Arrests for WMD's - 
Weird Plane in San Jose - 
Weird Planes in Las Vegas - 
Saudi "Deep State" Prince Bandar Arrested - 
No Space Corps - 
AZ Holistic Dr. Death - 

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  • Arrests probably took place last night
  • We haven't heard anything in the MSM
  • It will take time to leak out

Orlando Airport evacuated
  • Claimed: A battery exploded in a bag
  • Planes were leaving Orlando heading for Florida
  • Speculation: Maybe they needed to force this plane back ??

  • Rogue planes in San Jose, Californis
  • Another one in Vegas, Nevada. Unmarked planes with invalid transponder codes
  • Multiple aviatorial anomalies
  • Are people trying to skip? - as we also saw in Saudi Arabia
  • There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes that will come out in the open

>> Things are rolling... Things are moving...

To see a Middle East correspondent Marwa Osman on the Corbett Report talking about what's really happening in Saudi Arabia, go here >

Saudi Arabia: Arrests, killings. Nov 8, 2017 Corbett Report with Marwa Osman

Fake News discernment
  • Fake headline: UK Clinton warehouse raided and $400,000,000 was seized
  • This is fake news
  • Therefore - Make the effort to click on links to discern whether the article was click bait
  • What are the photos and images that corroborate the story?
  • What are the links on supporting articles - do they lead to anywhere
  • Where is the actual evidence

Note:  We are going to see a lot of disinformation and information saturation
Purpose:  To muddy the waters

eg:  "Q" posts on 4Chan started appearing on October 29, 2017.  After that, a lot of so-called Q posts began to appear. People have now done context and syntax checks and a list is provided which are the verified "Q" information.  

For this checked list of "Q" drops, go here >

Q Update - Monday 13 November, 2017. Verified Q Posts.

"Q" posts on 4chan
  • Who is Q?  Does it matter?  The point is this >>
  • He/she is asking some damned good questions - questions we all need to be asking and continue with research, eg: 
  • Antarctic
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Clinton Foundation
  • Human/child trafficking
  • Missing money from the Pentagon that hasn't been audited that they put into Special Access projects
  • The information is great material to research

Article: "Air traffic controller arrested for allegedly possessing weapons of mass destruction"
  • With the swamp-draining that's going on there is retaliation from the Deep State >
  • Trying to prevent arrests ??
  • Trying to create a diversion or distractio ??
  • Trying to create a false flag ??
  • They're trying to prevent their down-fall
  •  This plan was foiled before anything could happen
  • We need to be on the look-out for any shenanigans like this

Comet Ping Pong is not under investigation
  • It started with a recent email from the DC police that there was an investigation ongoing
  • A couple of days later, they said there is no ongoing investigation
  • I wonder why? - Jordan
  • Are they trying to keep it hush-hush because of the indictments
Famous photograph of George W. Bush and his close confidant Prince Bandar bin Sultan. - Zero Hedge

Powerful Prince Bandar was in the arrest round-up in Saudi Arabia on November 8, 2017
  • This guy is almost more important than the first Prince to be arrested - the one who had the holdings in Twitter and all the oil money and so on
  • Prince Bandar turns out to be an even "bigger fish" than the first prince
  • We are now seeing that theres 400-500 different officials arrested and indicted inside Saudi Arabia in this purge against corruption
  • Even Israel is scared shitless - they have now upped their aerial exercises
  • Bandar has had association with both Bushes and the Bush administration
  • Both Bushes came out of hiding recently and went on an anti-Trump tirade, because they're scared 
  • They are scared no doubt because their Middle Eastern handlers are getting screwed right now
  • The Clintons the Podestas are being hung out to dry

The Podestas
  • The Podesta Group is folding
  • Chief executive of the Podesta Group Kimberley Fritz said the company will cease to exist at year's end
  • I wonder where the Podestas are right now? - Jordan
  • These people haven't been seen or heard of for a while
  •  John Podesta was seen on stage a few days ago, but he wasn't looking happy

Note: We know that Tony Podesta is in custody already.

Please see backgrounders about Tony Podesta, Tony's brother and Hillary Clinton DNC campaign manager John Podesta, and an introduction to the Clinton child trafficking synicate here >

November 6, 2017

ELITE PEDOPHILE ROUND UP. Indictments: Podestas, Abedin and 10 others. 

November 9, 2017

MORE Indictments. MORE Arrests to follow. MORE cover-up attempts by MSM. 

November 8, 2017

Arrested and detained, deals cut, butts covered, fingers pointed. Clinton END near.

November 1, 2017

#Pedogate - John Podesta, Tony Podesta, Podesta Group under investigation

November 7, 2017

ARRESTS and IMMINENT ARRESTS October to November 7 - USA "deep state".

November 6, 2017

"The Storm" Trump referred to is here. Two pivotal updates from Jordan Sather. 

November 4, 2017

The MONSTERS among us. Elite pedophiles. Royal pedophiles. No moral compass.

November 17, 2017

Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta - SATANIST PEDOPHILES !!!! 

December 7, 2016

MSM #FakeNews narrative being thrown at the uniformed about #PizzaGate 

August 6, 2017

John Podesta going down #Pizzagate #Pedogate Hampstead London UK update 

June 10, 2017

Hillary Clinton needs to be investigated about the Seth Rich DNC staffer killing

No Space Corps
  • It was going to be created as an off-branch of the military, like the marines, but dedicated to space
  • It now has the boot
  • It was left out of the proposal for the National Defense Authorization Act for next year
  • No Space Corps
  • The airforce has now kept the sole authority for whatever goes on militarily in space - which is bad news - Jordan

  • Note "Q tips" >
  • What special authority does President Trump have over the Marines?
  • What Generals are helping President Trump right now?   Answer: A lot of Marine generals, a lot of Naval admirals
  • The airforce a lot of unacknowledged Special Access projects, eg: electro-gravidics, free energy, consciousness research
  • The navy and the marines do too
  • What sucks is that with a Space Corps, a lot of these unacknowledged Special Access projects and Black Projects would have been able to become more public
  • Now it's going to be a little more difficult with the airforce retaining their space superiority
  • eg: William Tompkins testimonies, Corey Good, Any Kramer (marine branch), Michael Gurloff (marine space project)
  • The airforce is trying to keep a control on it
  • The airfoce has primarily been utilised by the Deep State to control the technologies and keep control of what's going on in space
  • John Podesta in the WikiLeaks emails - was corroborating with Airforce generals and Lockheed executives and directors
  •  Tom DeLonge "disclosure" scenario  in deep with CIA guys, Airfoce guys
  • The Airforce only wants to let their unacknowledged projects out slowly
  • They want to manage their disclosure - they don't want full disclosure

"I won't be posting every day like I have been" >

Jordan's new project:  On the Secret Space Programs  (SSP)

Doctors found dead:  Erin @ Health Nut News
  • She has been tracking the list of doctor deaths that we've had
  • Annie Fairbanks (39) Scotsdale, Arizona
  • Her entire family was shot dead
  • Within hours the AZ police announce that the husband shot the family and suicided himself
  • Very weird
  • The Deep State really doesn't care about your life
  • The holistic doctor deaths are just as important as the pedogate stuff to report on
  • We need to Red Pill the shit out of people - not just the trafficking, pedophilia issue
  • Pharmaceutical stuff - humanity being toxified purposely, continually sucking money from us, continuously being tired, and poisoned
  • I'm not going to rant on it here because i'll start cursing - Jordan
  • Super-important issue

In conclusion
  • Thanks to all my subscribers and support - Jordan
  • Thanks to all the new subcribers
  • These videos are getting a lot of traction
  • I'll continue reporting on a lot of new stuff
  • Tomorrow on my Destroying the Illusion Facebook Page, I am talking to my friend Joseph about a lot of great stuff - all the latest concerning... "everything". Who knows where it will go?
  • Have a great weekend
  • Peace out!  

Jordan Sather - Destroying The Illusion

Thanks brother for your service to humanity.


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