Monday, 6 November 2017

"The Storm" Trump referred to is here. Two pivotal updates from Jordan Sather.

Video: 11.4 - Storm Update - 4chan/Saudi Arabia/Podesta/Brazile False Flags
Destroying The Illusion
Streamed live on Nov 4, 2017

Jordan says: We need to keep calm during this storm.

Here's some notes from the video for people who don't speak English.

4chan post here > - Posted by "Q clearance patriot"
Tracybeanz 4chan overview - 
James Brower, "Q", Twitter -

Q says: John Podesta was indicted yesterday November 3rd. Huma Abedin is being indicted on November 6th.
Q says: He's a former state assistant.   Q posts dates:  11-11,  11-13,  12-4.  Take it for what it is... possible predictions.
Q says a lot more information is going to be dropped on 4chan.

Another 4chan commentator says:
  • Tony Podesta could very well be in custody.
  • John Podesta's on the run.
  • Hillary Clinton could come after that.

Uranium One coming out right now is what the "white hats" have to use to bring down the pedophiles.
Uranium One leaves a paper trail.

Mass arrests in Saudi Arabia.
  • Q says: Where does the money come from to carry out all of these subversive activities?
  • $25,000,000 + donations were given by the Prince to the Clinton Foundation.
  • He was also a shareholder in the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas, and a big shareholder in Twitter.
  • Lebanese Prime Minister has resigned.
  • Donna Brazile says that she feared for her life after DNC staffer Seth Rich was despatched.

Antifa - it's a non-event, even though George Soros threw millions at it in advertising.

Video: 11.5 - Saudi Deaths/TX False Flag/Paradise Papers/The Days Ahead

Destroying The Illusion
Streamed live on Nov 5, 2017

Jordan says: This is a special non-scheduled livestream. This needs to be done before any potential fireworks go off in the next couple of days.

More Saudi Arabia losses
We are expected mass arrests - which it is - and it is anticipated to increase.

Yesterday's arrests:
  • One of the Princes got Obama into Harvard.
  • One of the Princes own the top floors of the Mandalay.
  • One of the Princes was Osama bin Laden's brother who owned an oil company with George HW Bush previously.

Today's events: A Prince and 8 officials went down in a helicopter accident.
  • Who did it?
  • How did it happen?
  • Jordan thinks it was Special Operations - just as an opinion.

With all of this going on, we needed a distraction:
  • Church shooting in Texas
  • Church shooting at Fresno California
  • A man leapt to his death from the Trump Tower
  • "Paradise Papers" get released all through the mainstream media. This brings into question the timing of this release... What else is going on? Note: The Paradise Papers try to make a whole lot of connections between Trump and Russia - already been debunked.
  • With these papers, look at who is being implicated, who is releasing them, look at the timing, and why they're being released right now.

The sealed indictments
  • There are 12 sealed indictments in the "Russia probe".
  • Two of them were filed between November 2 and November 4. Who could these be? Speculation would suggest that it's the Podesta brothers - John and Tony Podesta, child traffickers.

The fires in California - Santa Rosa. Scalar energy. (HAARP)
A fire chief observed that the fires were not started by natural means. They were started with Scalar Weapons. eg: There's videos out there showing a tree burning on the inside of the trunk. ie: It's not spreading from tree to tree - the fires are internal, inside the tree!

SSP and ET being used as distraction... beware.
  • Be on the lookout for false or distracting disclosures. eg: The "wind" on Antarctica. "How wind might nudge a sleeping giant on Antarctica".
  • Tom Delonge charade - false "disclosure" exposes.
  • The mass public is in the most ignorance of these specific topics.
  • They can disclose some sort of ET
  • They can disclose some sort of archaeological find

Have a great week folks. I think we're going to be in for a big one!  
- Jordan Sather, Destroying The Illusion.

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